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Psychologists in Villa Martelli

Lic. in psychology

Degree in Psychology, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. With postgraduate training in the labor, clinical and legal areas. Official expert of the P.J.N. - Civil and labor privileges.

Degree in Psychology with a Gender Perspective

I am Mariana, a psychologist with a gender perspective and I have been working for 10 years to address situations of various kinds within the framework of confidentiality and human rights.

Degree in Psychology (UBA)

I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). I am currently teaching psychology at the UBA. I have training in home and institutional care in psychopathology and disability with training in psychotherapeutic support. I completed an internship at the Braulio Aurelio Moyano hospital, a neuropsychiatric hospital in the City of Buenos Aires dedicated exclusively to the care of women; and experience in a halfway house with a diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia.

Bachelor of Psychology

I provide psychological care for adolescents and adults. I work with a psychoanalytic orientation, which is based on the use of the word. Therapy can help us resolve different aspects of our lives and discover facets of our personality. It is a space that invites reflection, thought, the implementation of our desires and the overcoming of obstacles. Flexible, comfortable and accessible hours and fees. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. There are two ways of doing therapy: 1) Face-to-face mode: Sessions are held in my office located in Villa Urquiza. 2) Online mode: Sessions are carried out through the platform chosen by the person (Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp). Type c invoices are issued, which are used to make reimbursements for social work. I have a degree in Psychology, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. m. N. 70.005. m. P. 98.723

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