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Psychologists in Villa Bosch

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Degree in psychology

I have a degree in Psychology, specializing in Behavior Therapy. I use the cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach, which provides fundamental tools to have a better coping with problems and therefore a better quality of life.

Degree in psychology

In preliminary interviews or in analysis, work will be done on the registration or awareness of ineffective subjective mechanisms, and through listening analysis and specific interventions, it will be possible to develop healthier and more effective attitudes and ways, in addition to a relief of various symptoms, psychic and organic.

Bachelor of psychology

I am the graduate in psychology Ponce Lucas Eugenio always open to the visisitudes of my patients, to the new challenges imposed by the professional and to the constant enrichment of my means. I adapt easily to any situation and context.

Ontological Coaching

Hello!! I am Maja, systemic psychotherapist, ontological coaching and biodecoding therapist, with extensive professional experience in treating patients both face-to-face and online.

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Climbing Remedies Psychologists

Bachelor of psychology I have a degree in psychology. Specializing in adolescent and adult clinic...

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Psychologists in Dock Sud

psychologist From the clinic I was committed to the patients or consultants discover potentialiti...

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Psychologist Lic. Bethlehem b. Prada (Buenos Aires)

Individual psychological care office, aimed at children, adolescents and adults who are experienc...

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