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Psychologists in Borrero Ayerbe

I am a specialist in family counseling and management of addictive behaviors with an emphasis on drug addiction. He used various techniques, so that the patient can recover all the scenarios impaired by the substances.


Psychologist with Clinical emphasis: Cognitive-Behavioral, with experience in family intervention and online and/or face-to-face psychosocial support for children, adolescents and the elderly. In addition, with experience and knowledge in the family dynamics of people with a diagnosis of Spina Bifida or other diagnoses and their primary caregivers. Creator of the BífiVida @luisa.silvapsicologa community on Instagram and on the Facebook page: Luisa Silva, in which I provide support virtual and/or face-to-face psychological counseling for people diagnosed with spina bifida and their primary caregivers from different countries. Likewise, with knowledge and analytical skills for the design and implementation of intervention, promotion and prevention psychoeducational programs; from the areas of psychology (health, educational, family and clinical). I am here to support you in whatever you need, together we will find the well-being you are looking for.

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I am a psychologist with a vocation for service, ready to help anyone who needs it. At any time in life, it is important to turn to someone who listens to us, enlightens us, guides us, and East.

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Psychologist, with more than 13 years of experience, clinical emphasis in NLP, meditation instructor, Spiritual and life coach, personal development and expert in personality enneagram.


Psychotherapist, Coach and nlp psychologist with more than 15 years of experience in human management processes, life coaching, personal and therapeutic development

Psychologist Yolanda Cordero (San Gil)

Psychologist from the Javeriana University, with postgraduate degrees in clinical psychology and ...

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Psychologist Lina Fernanda Tamayo Gómez (Envigado)

Hello! My name is Lina Fernanda, creator of the Integral Psychology of Being brand from where she...

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Psychologists in Santa Teresa

psychologist Psychologist for Psychologists. In my personal and professional experience, I have b...

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