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Psychologists in Rincón de Milberg

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Hello, my name is Debora Pedace, I am a psychologist. I currently run a Mental Health center in Nordelta, province of BS AS. Comprehensive Therapeutic Center @cti.psicologia

Clinical Psychologist

I have a degree in Psychology with a Clinical focus. As a health professional, I am here to accompany you in the process of change, which will lead you to find the true meaning of your life. Do not miss the opportunity to live!

Degree in psychology

I am a mental health professional. I have 18 years of clinical and neuropsychological experience. Couples and family therapist. Specialized in serious pathologies. Specialist in depression and anxiety disorders. group therapist. I am specialized in addictions and borderline disorders. Specialized in Touch. I have worked as a recruiter. I have completed the careers of Medical Visitor and Clinical Trials Monitor. I have directed and founded my own comprehensive health center, in contact with health professionals, supervising cases and being the director of the institution. I also work in business consulting. I work as co-founder of the NGO Fortalecer sin Fronteras working with family violence.

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Degree in psychology

I am a psychologist Psychoanalyst serving children, adolescents and adults in the Tigre Centro and Benavidez area. I work with all kinds of problems from pricoanalytic listening. I am in continuous training at a School of Psychoanalysis. I participate in seminars, clinical presentations. training spaces with others and I am a Medife provider. I worked in the public sphere and continued from the private sector in two of my own offices authorized by the College of Psychologists of San Isidro District XV.

Degree in psychology

Doing therapy is a way to try to live a little, to go through life with backpacks that weigh less, to have healthier views on situations and people, achieve more loving relationships, there is no magical well-being or happiness pill, it is teamwork that undoubtedly gives us a welfare. "If it is not in your hands to change a situation that causes you pain, you can always choose the attitude with which you face that suffering" Victor Frankl

Psychological Consultant

I help you to help yourself, sadness, addictions, fears, anxiety, everything has a solution together we can

Degree in psychology

My name is Agustina Della Valle, I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. I am currently working as a clinical psychologist, therapeutic companion and perfecting myself in this profession that I like so much. I have taken different courses and clinical workshops related to emergencies, grief, couples and autism, among others. 📚 I train mostly in psychoanalysis but I like to be informed about other currents such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy "Anxiety, depression and stress disorders" from this approach. On the other hand, do a postgraduate course at the Dr. Arturo Ameghino Mental Health Center: "Psychopharmacology" and extension courses at the University of Buenos Aires "Bulimia and Anorexia" and "Bodies at Risk".

Lic. Psychology - MP 96,803 | MN 67,527

👩‍💼🧠🙌 I'm Gretel A. Martínez, Ψ 🅿🆂🅸🅲🅾🆃🅴🆁🅰🅿🅴🆄🆃🅰 children and adults. Lic. in Psychology graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. 🌐 Member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science - Argentine Chapter. 🏢Member of ETCI (Children's Cognitive Therapy Team) and of 📱Cuidar -Department of scientific dissemination of evidence-based contributions for parenting- 🌱 Co-founder of Siembro Bienestar - Consulting and teaching in personal well-being and professional self-care. 🤓 With cognitive behavioral training, in third generation therapies, neuropsychology and autism in women.

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