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A princess and a ervilha: analysis of the fairy tale

A princess and a ervilha is a very old fairy tale. Published by the Danish Hans Christian Andersen in 1835, it was part of the children's imagination, enriching the symbolic baggage of boys and girls and also two adults on the page.

Or short story

Once upon a time a young prince lived in his castle with his father, or king.

His life was full of luxury and privileges, but even so he felt very sad and bored.

Assim, he thought that if he had a partner-a wife-he would be happier.

Therefore, he resolves to seek in all the nearby kingdoms a princess who may have wanted to marry him.

A procure foi longa. The prince traveled many kingdoms, but he could not find a true princess.

Discouraged and afflicted, he stopped searching in vao.

One day, during a big storm, bateu à porta de seu castelo uma bela moça. She was flooded and tremia cold.

Quem atendeu a porta foi o rei. A moça said:
— Hello sir! I was a princess and I was walking around when suddenly this storm fell. Or senhor could you keep me warm this night?

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O rei então deixou a young man to enter.

O prince heard a different voice and could see what was happening. A moça então lhe explained and he was very satisfied to know a princess.

But his father was suspicious of her, he did not fully believe in the girl and wanted to be certain that it was a real princess.

Então, to throw a test, he has an idea.

A room was prepared for a young man with 7 stacked mattresses. Embaixo of the first mattress was placed a small weed.

Na manhã seguinte, ao agree, o rei e o prince perguntaram à moça how her night had been. She replied that she would sleep very badly, that something bothered her, but she didn't know what she was.

Also, there was confirmation that she was a princess herself, because only a true princess would be able to perceive the presence of a small weed under so many mattresses.

Então, or prince can better know that girl, you two will fall in love and get married. And we will live happily ever after.

Analysis of A princess and a ervilha

As in all fairy tales, it is necessary to interpret them in a symbolic and intuitive way, Leaving aside a little rationality that insists on giving logical meaning to the events narrated in history.

In this way, it is possible to extract valuable advice and insights from the secular narratives that accompany us.

In A princess and a ervilha, we can highlight some elements that trace interesting metaphors.

In search of a prince for a "true princess" can represent an inner search of his own human being to find itself on its “named” side, name not sense of character, and not of royalty.

When a girl is placed to sleep on top of several mattresses on a small weed, or that is being verified is the ability to perceive the little things of life. A ervilha symbolizes an “existential discomfort”.

She has the courage to communicate this to the world, because she says to the king and to the prince that her night was ruim, or seja, she does not get caught before what she feels.

os 7 mattresses represent many layers of distractions placed in our lives that trap us in the perception of what is important.

A princess and a ervilha

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