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The 9 best Sports Psychologists in Andorra

Cristina Llovera She is a recognized mental health professional who specializes in sports psychology and the field of coaching, having helped a large number of athletes throughout their career professional.

She has a degree in psychology from the Ramón Llull University, and also stands out for being an expert in psychological evaluation and intervention, and has treated patients with emotional problems and low self-esteem, and in performance deficit in sports, achieving very good results.

Francesc Port He has a degree in psychology from the University of Barcelona and a master's degree in sports and managerial coaching, In addition to being an outstanding professional in the field of sports psychology, collaborating with different federations and equipment.

He offers his services both online and in person, helping his patients with emotional management, sports performance, and in situations of anxiety, depression and stress, achieving results excellent.

enhamed enhamed is a leading mental health professional who has a degree in psychology from the European University of Madrid, has a master's degree in coaching and personal development, and is also a specialist in the field of mindfulness.

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Her professional career combines both sports and mental health, which is why one of her main functions is to help high-performance athletes and athletes to overcome all those barriers and difficulties that may be encountered throughout their career professional.

UPAD is a recognized psychological center where you can find an excellent team of professionals specialized in the field of mental health, personal development, and sports performance, so that you can achieve your goals.

Among the pathologies that have been treated the most throughout all these years are situations of low self-esteem, disorders due to anxiety, depression and stress, and the different types of phobias such as fear of flying or fear of open spaces, among others pathologies.

Ferran Garcia De Palau He is a lawyer and specialist in mindfulness, an expert in sports performance, and Director of the Psicotools therapeutic center. He has a certificate in mindfulness focused on children and adolescents, in addition to being a great specialist in meditation.

Throughout all these years, Ferran and his team have helped many professionals and athletes to improve their performance sports, their psychological preparation for complex situations, and have obtained very positive results after the sessions therapeutic.

Carmen Torrado She has a degree in psychology from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, she has a specialization in clinical hypnosis, coaching and sports psychology, and has been able to improve the psychological well-being of many persons.

He stands out for having treated people in grief at the loss of a loved one, with eating behavior disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, and with sleep disorders such as insomnia, in addition to offering consultation both online and face-to-face

Rafael Rodriguez-Soler he is an excellent professional in the field of mental health who stands out for being a specialist in sports psychology, in addition to having a degree in psychology from the Miguel Hernández University, and having a master's degree in physical activity and sport.

He has treated patients with all manner of disorders, from professional athletes and trainers seeking improve their performance, even people with anxiety, depression and stress problems, among other types of disorders.

Oliver Martinez He has a degree in psychology from the University of Barcelona, ​​has a master's degree in psychology from the her sports and physical activity, and she has also completed another master's degree in resource management humans.

She is an expert in the treatment of patients dedicated to the world of sports, in addition to collaborating in the media communication such as Men's and Health, or the program ''Esport Club'' on TV3, achieving excellent results in their patients.

Nashma Brou-Garcia She has a degree in psychology from the Ramón Llull University, she has a master's degree in health psychology and psychotherapy, and she also has a doctorate in psychology from the same university.

He is a specialist in psychotherapy focused on adults and couples, in addition to having treated cases of sports psychology, and to patients in a grieving situation due to the loss of a loved one, achieving very positive results after the treatment.

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