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Psychologist Gemma Isabel Garcia Crespo (Alcalá de Henares)

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Consultant and Trainer. I am the Scientific Director of Medisophy, a center for Sophrology and Health and creator and instructor of the Medisophy Method. Presented at national and international conferences as an intensive psychotherapy that combines various specialties for coping with stress and developing skills and values. Director-Manager of GEPSICOM: Consulting, Training and Health. More than 25 years of experience

Social and HR Psychologist, Psychographologist, Psychotherapist, Specialist in comprehensive care for victims, Sophrologist, Psycho-oncologist, Neuropsychologist... (postgraduate) Master in Business Administration, Master in Corporate Communication, Master in Marketing, Diploma in primary assistance in mental health in catastrophes and psychosomatic treatment, in NLP, Units emotional… Master in sophrology. Quality auditor. Linked to social and market research. I have published 5 books to date…

I provide psychotherapeutic care to individuals, groups and companies, students, different types of Victims, Officials, Diplomatic Corps, Security Personnel, Schools, Associations, Clinics, …etc. all the Communities of SPAIN. All business sectors and social population. Also by ZOOM. 12-hour treatment.

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