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Psychologist Lina Fernanda Tamayo Gómez (Envigado)

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Hello! My name is Lina Fernanda, creator of the Integral Psychology of Being brand from where she accompanied different processes of transformation of the soul, development of the human being and integral healing. I am a specialist in Clinical Psychology and Mg. in human development. Certified coaching, university teacher and other value studies. Lina Fernanda, Certified Psychologist & Coaching. I accompany the human being in the different processes of healing and transformation through the construction of realities based on the purpose of being and rewarding experiences. I believe in the energy of the universe, in love, in the transformation from Art and meaning for what I choose consciously. My accompaniment is unorthodox; I am holistic and I focus on the level of consciousness that the being has to take charge of the discomfort that inhabits him as a result of his emotions and realities. The therapeutic focus is based on building realities that leverage well-being; For this, it is necessary to go to the depths of the querent's history and explore in the universe of the unconscious the meaning that today inhabits it.

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Ontological Coaching. Personal brand development. Vocational orientation. Couples therapy. Healing for the soul. Family therapy. Psychotherapy focused on the client's level of consciousness. Art therapy. Mindfulness. Healing circles. Integral accompaniment to the human being in the different environments and ecosystems. Empowerment Psychotherapy. Positive Psychology. Human development.

I am a guide that accompanies the processes of development of the being, transformation and evolution. My consultations are based on recognizing the protective resources of the Being and empowering them. I vibrate with love for what I do, holding hands with others and understanding that synchrony, awareness, recognition, introspection are the inputs to make the leap in value that empowers and strips away fear, each time with more power, with more sense.

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