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The 10 best Psychology Clinics in Santo Domingo (Ecuador)

Carla Sotomayor She is a highly experienced mental health professional, who is qualified both in the area of ​​Clinical Psychology and in the specific field of Neuroeducation.

This psychologist has a very remarkable ability in the use of some methodologies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Gestalt Therapy and on the other hand, she is also It is very important to mention that this specialist has been able to treat on more than one occasion some difficulties such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD), insomnia or sleep disorders. anxiety.

the clinical psychologist Sandra Saltos Alarcon she can help us to a great extent regardless of whether we are children, adults or adolescents and also, a fact that we should take into account about this psychologist is that she very often uses some proven effective methodologies such as EMDR Therapy or Psychodrama.

Personal difficulties such as depression, eating disorders, work stress or sleep-related problems are often treated in his consultation.

Daniel Morales

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He has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Technical University of Babahoyo and has a specialized Diploma in the use of NLP Therapy, which was issued to him by the M. Benoist located in the nation of Colombia.

Where this psychotherapist undoubtedly manages to stand out the most is in the treatment of some difficulties such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, very low self-esteem or poor management of the emotion of anger.

Mary Grace Abbot She graduated in Psychology at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja and later, she had the opportunity to investigate the field of Clinical Psychology thanks to a Master's degree that was taught by the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies (ISEP).

With the passage of time, this psychologist has been able to treat on more than one occasion some difficulties such as lack of impulse control, anxiety disorders, or very high levels of stress labor.

Diego Tzoymaher He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires and has a specialized Postgraduate in the correct practice of Cognitive Neuropsychology, issued by the Argentine University of Belgrano.

We can contact this psychologist if, for example, we find ourselves suffering from an addiction to video games, a clear lack of control over our impulses or a possible obsessive character disorder compulsive (OCD).

the psychotherapist Anthony Galvez He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Indoamerica and additionally, it should be noted that this specialist has a great skill in the use of some really very effective therapies such as Existential Therapy or Cognitive Therapy Behavioral.

Together with this psychologist we will have the opportunity to be able to treat some difficulties such as depression in adolescents, work stress or anxiety disorders in a very effective way.

Dr. Araceli Mendez she is an expert both in the field of Clinical Psychology and in the practice of Forensic Psychological Evaluation and on the other hand, if we decide to be treated by her, we should keep in mind that this psychologist can assist us if there is no type of problem through the well-known video calls.

Throughout her professional career, this specialist has managed to accumulate considerable experience in the treatment of some difficulties such as alcoholism, cocaine dependence or crises arising within the couple.

The Jean Piaget Psychological and Pedagogical Center It is located in the same Ecuadorian city of Santo Domingo and in it, if we decide to visit we will have the opportunity to find a large multidisciplinary team of psychologists widely qualified.

In this place they often treat people of all ages who, for example, are going through a disorder of anxiety, a learning disability or some other type of difficulty that may have appeared within the scope school.

Surpass Comprehensive Psychological Center is a center specialized in the practice of Psychotherapy which is located in the central Ecuadorian city of Quito.

Children as well as adults or adolescents can receive therapy in this center and, furthermore, we should also know that These specialists can help us whether we decide to carry out therapy in person or through video calls.

These specialists often treat people who are suffering from a conflict intrafamilial, very high levels of work stress or some other type of difficulty related to the related to school.

in the psychological center PsychoEduca, are largely specialized both in the specific practice of psychotherapy in the smallest as in the specific treatment of the difficulties that on certain occasions may arise during the school.

In this place they will help us to a great extent if, for example, we find ourselves going through a problem with the sleep, a possible anxiety disorder or a disorder with a marked obsessive-compulsive character (OCD).

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