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Psychologists in Isla Mujeres

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I work with cognitive behavioral psychology, through practical exercises to achieve results quickly. Specialized in eating disorders and therapies for anxiety management. I serve children, adolescents and adults.


I am a psychologist with 25 years of professional experience in Colombia and Mexico, accompanying people in emotional healing processes, in search of personal, family, social and work fulfillment. I am convinced of the creative capacity of human beings to create rewarding experiences, to feel happy and I accompany my patients to find their own tools to achieve it.

Bachelor of Psychology

Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral cut. I provide psychological care to children, adolescents and adults. Children: Behavior modification, development of emotional intelligence and social skills, as well as other topics such as: separation or divorce of parents, death and mourning, feeling of abandonment, among others. Adolescents: Behavior modification, development of emotional intelligence and social skills, vocational guidance and life plan, substance use. Adults: separation or divorce, stress, substance use, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation.

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Master in Gestalt Therapy

I am a Clinical Psychologist with a Master's Degree in Gestalt Therapy and several humanistic specialties and psychopathological disorders. I personally believe that you are the wise man, I support you in seeking that inner wisdom that for some reason we sometimes cloud and gives us the feeling that everything is lost or being lost, I am convinced that happiness does not come to you, happiness is obtained by working day by day, I help you to light up when everything is dark, do not stay only!


I am a health professional with a degree in general psychology, terminal in human development. I have a diploma in clinical psychology and another in human sexuality. I have taken various workshops and courses that guarantee my training and professionalism as a psychologist. I have experience in psychological care, informative talks, workshops and I have participated in multiple health fairs.

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