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Degree in psychology

CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGIST. *Evaluations and therapies for children and adolescents with ADHD, Learning Difficulties and Behavioral Disorders. *Family and school accompaniment for multidisciplinary work. Psychoeducation for parents and teachers about ADHD. *Play, Learning and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Clinical psychologist

I am passionate about understanding how accompanying people in therapeutic processes in a warm and respectful way is something that I am passionate about. When someone decides to ask a health professional for help, it speaks of great courage and commitment to the same I think it is important to take this into account to accompany from the empathy in the journey of the to find out. I am currently the director of the Mindfulness Clinic in Cancun, where I teach third generation therapeutic sessions. She also conducted workshops and retreats in environments that help people to reconnect with nature as well as to better manage and manage their emotions.

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Master in Clinical Psychology

Ileana González Bello, Master in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and certified in Positive Psychology. This psychologist can attend adolescents and adults with mood disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Eating problems, Panic Attacks, Stress, personality problems and in general any ailment psychological. Her style of therapy is short but very effective, focused on symptom relief and prompt improvement of the patient. For a personal contact, he gladly answers questions and schedules an appointment at 9982369593

Psychologists in La Vall d'Uixó

degree in psychology University of Valencia Hello, I am a psychologist with great experience, wit...

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Psychologists in Puerto Vallarta

Clinical Psychologist Specialist in education, and Forensic clinic, I have 14 years of experience...

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Psychologists in Tlalnepantla de Baz

Lic. Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology I provide Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. Focusing on sh...

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