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Psychologist Denisse Rendón (Monterrey)

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Hello! My name is Denisse Rendón, I am a Psychologist, Handwriting Expert, Master in Organizational Development and International Master in Handwriting Expertise. On the other hand, I am Certified in Psychological First Aid, as well as Heart Saver First Aid CPR AED and I am a Certified Instructor in the NOM. EC 0217 SEP-KNOW. Also, I am trained in QPR for suicide prevention and issues of self-esteem, human development, intelligence emotional, leadership, Specialist in topics related to job search, etc., and I had the opportunity to study at Spain; The foregoing allows me to have a multidisciplinary perspective that is completely adaptable to the needs of my clients and patients.

The plus of my therapy. I focus on individually serving young people and adults with a solution-focused therapy, I provide psychological tools that benefit the process of change, reinforcing them with tools such as graphology, graphotherapy, logotherapy, neuroscriptural programming, among others that enrich the process of change and the level of mental and emotional well-being of the patient / consultant during the process therapeutic. With all of the above, I accompany you with ethics, respect, responsibility and professionalism in your process of change, so that you can reconnect with yourself.

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Have you felt that you can no longer? Do you want changes in your life that allow you to reconnect with yourself? I can support you to rediscover yourself through solution-focused psychotherapy and various tools that They will help you heal, listen to you and reconnect with your essence, recover your self-esteem, confidence, security and your power. personal. Remember that you have with you all the potential to achieve your well-being; I am just the compass that will guide you with ethics and respect so that you can enjoy the journey of this journey towards your discovery, transformation and personal fulfillment.

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