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My purpose, my passion and my approach is to accompany human beings who want to transcend their being and seek a path of tranquility and transformation. My process is focused on being, feeling and doing, when we connect these 3 pillars in a person's life the results are extraordinary. Therapeutic processes are individual decisions that we make to discover ourselves, where it is essential to open our conscience and our heart to listen to ourselves and have a new awakening of conscience. The therapeutic meetings have a holistic nuance (Psychology-spirituality-Coaching). Individual, group and couple therapeutic processes are carried out. Psychologist Coaching


I am a psychologist with human warmth, with excellent quality academic training, I have experience in clinical work, which that allows me to perform and offer you therapeutic sessions that quickly generate changes and the solution to the problems that you afflict My work has an emphasis on psychoeducation because I believe that learning to know ourselves and understand what happens to us in the present is vital. importance to heal, that's why during the first session I will give recommendations, techniques and strategies to alleviate and resolve the discomfort from its beginnings. the beginning. My interest is not to address a diagnosis or label you with a disease, it is to solve problems that in an integral way end up solving any type of problem. psychological pathology always based on scientifically proven protocols and guidelines, that is why therapy is 50-50 a collaborative work based on confidentiality.

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With more than fifteen years of experience in psychotherapeutic intervention and ten as an official of the state institution, guarantor of the rights of children and adolescents, I have the suitability and necessary capacity that can contribute to the achievement of your mental and emotional health and therefore physical.

Clinical psychologist

I am a psychologist, with postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology and Psychopharmacology. With cognitive behavioral orientation and focus on medication (psychotherapy applied to medication). I have dedicated a large part of my professional practice to the accompaniment of adolescents and adults who are in a deep search of themselves, through putting at the service of them my knowledge based on evidence and humanity. I have extensive experience in the clinical area providing psychological support to people diagnosed with Depression, Sexual Abuse, T. Substance use, T. Bipolar, among others.


Psychologist of great human and professional quality, with the ability to accompany processes. individual, family, group and community in crisis contexts. skills for him. group and interdisciplinary work. With experience in family and individual accompaniment. Work with population in situations of domestic and social violence.

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Luisa Fernanda Grajales Correa

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