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Psychologists in Capulhuac de Mirafuentes

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Psychology Psychoanalytic Therapy

Delivered to the psychoanalysis of body and soul. I am a person who, like you, has searched for answers, some of them I was able to obtain through the study of psychology, however, I felt the need to go beyond the obvious. I discovered psychoanalysis first from my own analytical process, and from then on, not only did I like it, but I have felt a very strong passion Because of this discipline, since it has been the one that has revealed to me what I was looking for, how could I deeply accompany people in their healing process? Psychoanalysis has positively transformed me, and it is exactly what I would like to see happen with people who want to improve all aspects of their lives. That is my life project.

Gestalt Psychotherapist

I am a person committed to the possibility offered by a therapeutic alliance through inclusion, accompaniment and presence, identifying the uniqueness of the body and its emotions, the mind and its thoughts and the influence of the interrelation with the environment as part of the experience and the meaning of it in the process of each person and family system

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