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Psychologists in Sant Vicenç de Castellet

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Health psychologist

Old problems, even the most resistant ones, can be improved or resolved if you act together and harmoniously on body and mind. I can help you with total confidence, security, experience and empathy.

Arturo Argelaguer Psychology

I am a close and experienced professional who accompanies you, through a practical and efficient psychological treatment, when it comes to achieving your life goals.


Since time immemorial, curiosity about human behavior has moved people to desire to get to know each other better and solve those difficulties that lead to misunderstanding during the cycle vital. If this is your case, you have opened the first door to consciousness. If you want to continue, I can accompany you in this process. Together we can investigate how you interpret situations, life, the people you love and how you interpret yourself. We can identify emotions, learn to manage them. You can learn to observe yourself and discriminate if what you do really corresponds to what you want, if you want to change it and how to change it. Although perhaps, you are looking for guidance or support, so that renewed winds blow and you can continue advancing.

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Health psychologist - Relational psychotherapist

I am a psychotherapist and health psychologist, with 10 years of experience in clinical care for adults with various difficulties that alter their well-being. Specifically, for several years I have worked as a health psychologist in the public sector (in the regional outpatient center) for the treatment of addictive substance withdrawal. However, in the private sector, I have worked as a psychotherapist for various medical centers where my specialty includes the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders as well as difficulties relational-family. My training as a systemic relational therapist allows me to bring a different view to the majority of difficulties experienced during life, with me you will improve your symptom picture to achieve the improvement you need, and we will achieve it by working together, understanding the dynamics that surround you, and building strong foundations from your potentialities.

Health Psychologist

Health Psychologist, specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. All of us experience some fear and anxiety when making decisions or making relevant changes in our lives. The reasons that provoke these feelings can be many and diverse. But these should not stop us when we really want or wish to take another path and deviate from the one we were leading. This is why I always say that the best time to do what you want and what you are thinking about is the current moment, the only moment on which we can act. At this level, it is where psychology provides us with multiple tools to reach this goal in the easiest and healthiest way for the person.


I help people who are not happy with their current situation to regain their personal power to make decisions more consistent with their needs and to be at peace with themselves, their environment and their relations.

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