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Psychologist Kirley Da Luz (Buenos Aires)

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My name is Kirley, I work with evidence-based psychology, which has cognitive-behavioral tools to achieve change, because change is encouragement. I care about the healthy balance between human warmth and scientific rigor, since I consider that helping and listening to those who are suffering is essential, just as I believe that no one comes out the same after a therapy. Psychology is a vocation that I followed from a very early age. We are going to achieve in each session: -make you feel better -be clear about what you want -distinguish your problems and solve them -Relate better with the people around you. -Discover and achieve your life goals -Generate an environment of trust, privacy and confidentiality I leave you a sentence of the Cycle 1 Greek philosopher Epictetus: "We are not affected by what happens to us, but by what we tell ourselves about what happens to us." happens. This is the key to our emotional strength."

I specialize in problematic consumption and addictions, family violence and gender violence, professional practice (the clinic in the emergency), practices with mindfulness (techniques to relieve anxiety, calm the mind and eliminate stress accumulated. Very powerful tool to regulate your emotional state) and in children and adolescents

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My work tool is cognitive-behavioral psychology, which is a scientifically proven therapy with indications focused on linking thought and behavior, which fuses the clinical approach of cognitive psychology and psychology behaviorist. For this, cognitive reconstruction techniques of relaxation training and other coping and exposure strategies are combined.

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