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Psychologist Erika L. Rodriguez Gastelum (Tijuana)

I am a psychologist, I attend children, adolescents and adults. I have a Master's Degree in Family and Couple Therapy, currently studying a Doctorate in Family and Couple Therapy, I also have a Diploma in Narrative Therapy, a Master's Degree in Special Education and a specialty in psychotherapy of Kids. I have 14 years of clinical experience. I work in a multidisciplinary way, that is: in conjunction with other specialists such as doctors, nutritionists, neurologists, psychiatrists, among others, if the case requires it. I usually prefer emotional work before medication in the face of a problem, without neglecting the emotional safety of the patient. Together with a neurologist and a psychiatrist, I have managed to get patients to leave medication behind in order to face their problems on their own.

My specialty is the attention in children, adolescents and adults of: Anxiety disorders, Family Problems, Mourning due to separation or divorce, low self-esteem, fears, anguish or depression.

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My commitment as a psychologist is to take care at all times that the care provided to my patients is effective, efficient and of quality. I do not like years of psychological care, so I keep myself in constant professional updating, to provide care psychological focused on achieving goals in the shortest time possible, especially those situations that have become incapacitating for person.

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