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Psychologist Nidia Andrea Montoya (Marinilla)

I am a psychologist graduated from the University of Antioquia, with complementary training in Pedagogy from the UPB. I have two years of experience in the educational field; in consulting, vocational guidance, individual and group care for both students and their family circle. I design and implement promotion, prevention and intervention strategies in training processes, taking art tools as a transversal axis. Application and management of objective and projective tests. My occupational interest is in the educational, community social, cultural, and clinical fields. My work experience has also been related to research topics from the administrative role, depending on dissemination, management of social networks, updating, registration, selection, processing of information and texts academics; On the other hand, I have worked in artistic and cultural environments as a theater actress and trainer, in the attention of the public, logistics of events and support in the formulation of projects cultural.

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I have two years of experience in psychological counseling for children and young people. I do vocational guidance. Design and implement promotion, prevention and intervention strategies in training processes. Applied and managed objective and projective tests.

I have skills focused on coordinating groups with children and young people, working on creativity in conflict resolution, promoting assertive communication and emotional intelligence, from a life skills approach, implemented didactic, dramatic strategies as the axis cross.

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