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Psychologist Celfa Gomez (Guarne)

I will guide you on the path of reunion with that wonderful being inside you, full of greatness, strengths and great value, with all the potential, that the circumstances of life have overshadowed to the point that today it is not clear to you. You will find a new path to peace and the joy of living, a light that will not go out anymore.

Specialist in Family Sciences, with mention in Systemic Family Therapy, Universidad Peruana Union EMDR Trauma Certification, Psychologist, Andrews University Family Diploma, Talent Diploma human. Nutrition Coach, creator of the Conscious Nutrition plan, among many other congresses, seminars on addressing family problems, this includes: Childhood, adolescence, addictions, couples, etc.

A therapy focused on healing, restoring and repairing any conscious or unconscious damage, present in your life, that has kept you away from your path and the purpose for which you are here: to be happy. My mission is “to use creativity and trust coupled with faith, to inspire and teach people to be more mindful of the importance of rediscovering the ES with its essence, in order to be instruments to reduce suffering and heal humanity

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