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Psychologists in Dock Sud

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From the clinic I was committed to the patients or consultants discover potentialities, tools, areas that they have unexplored and that in this period of their lives it will help them to meet their "being" and therefore face the problem that leads them to the consultation distressed.

Master psychologist

My approach is holistic and adapts to each person, since I am trained with a gender perspective, in psychoanalysis, behavioral, systemic. Couples, adults and teenagers. She used various synchronous pathways.

Degree in psychology

Individual psychological care office, aimed at children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing some subjective condition. The orientation of the approach is psychoanalytic with a specialty in Gender. The schedules of the sessions are to be agreed with the patient. Belén Baldomar Prada has extensive clinical experience in addition to private care, she works as a concurrent psychologist in outpatient clinics at the Tobar García hospital. She treats patients with illnesses such as child sexual abuse, anxiety, anorexia, panic attacks, dementia, adolescent depression, dyslexia, stuttering, specific or simple phobia, psychosis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), spectrum disorder autistic (ASD). She offers services of psychological accompaniment, psychoanalysis, judicial psychodiagnostics, psychotherapy for adolescents, psychotherapy for children, psychotherapy for adults and rehabilitation for disability. Location of the office The Bachelor Belén Baldomar Prada attends to her patients online and in the private office on Aristóbulo del Valle and Patricios streets, in Barracas, CABA, Buenos Aires.

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Bachelor of Psychology

I prioritize clear goal setting, thoughtful listening, empathic communication, and, above all else, the establishment of a firm therapeutic bond to work as a team with the patient in achieving these objectives.

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👩‍💼🧠🙌 I'm Gretel A. Martínez, Ψ 🅿🆂🅸🅲🅾🆃🅴🆁🅰🅿🅴🆄🆃🅰 children and adults. Lic. in Psychology graduated ...

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