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Psychologist Emanuel Krivich (Buenos Aires)

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I prioritize clear goal setting, thoughtful listening, empathic communication, and, above all else, the establishment of a firm therapeutic bond to work as a team with the patient in achieving these objectives.

My working method is Cognitive Therapy. I specialize in anxiety symptoms, such as phobias, panic attacks or post-traumatic stress. Also in depression and additions. In addition, in dissociative symptoms such as depersonalization and derealization of the aforementioned pictures.

Sensitivity and empathy are fundamental pillars of my work as a therapist, and I have developed them not only in my work as a therapist, but also in other areas, such as my work as a musician and teacher of singing. Also, these qualities are developed in therapeutic work with oneself. I seek constant updating to provide the best possible service, always working within the framework of therapies based on evidence and developing my activity in line with the scientific foundations and practices duly checked.

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