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Psychologist Sandra García Sánchez-Beato (Madrid)

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Adhara was born in January 2010 with the commitment to create a space to accompany and help all those children, adolescents and adults, who decide to start a therapy process and give themselves a new opportunity to be more happy. "We can bring an understanding and compassionate heart to a world that so badly needs it" Jack Kornfield

From a Humanist approach, we offer specialized psychological care with a multidisciplinary team. We work emotional, relational disorders, addiction to new technologies, couple problems, depression and trauma among others. We are specialists in adoptions and in the problems that this entails for both minors and their families. Families, children and adolescents occupy a special place in their diversity and complexity.

We integrate the practice of mindfulness and Psychomeditation techniques in the sessions as a parallel path to the therapeutic process. Years of meditation practice and a weekly group for patients and the general public guarantee the effectiveness of the combination of both resources.

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