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Psychologist Daniela Estefani Guajardo Medrano (Viña del Mar)

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I am a Psychopedagogue by profession, I offer my comprehensive and personalized Psychopedagogical care services, aimed at: children, adolescents and older adults who present difficulties in the area of ​​learning, attention and/or at the level of development and cognitive processing.

I am a Psychopedagogue and a graduate in Psychopedagogy, with specialties in Specific Learning Difficulties (DEA), Disorders Specific to language (SLI Mixed and/or Expressive), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD-ADHD), Early stimulation in infants, in Autism Spectrum Disorder (TEA), Intervention in Dyslexia, intervention in Dyscalculia and Intellectual Disability, with a diploma in Psychosocial intervention. And studying Second Career in Pedagogy in Differential Education with a mention in Accessibility for learning diversity.

Provided support, such as: - Pedagogical support. - Early stimulation in Infant - Psychopedagogical intervention and evaluation. - Empowerment in the instrumental areas of reading, writing and calculation. - Empowerment and stimulation at the Cognitive level. - Support and orientation in Study Habits. - Support and orientation in strategies and/or learning techniques. - Psychopedagogical advice to a family group in the process of teaching and learning. - Teaching through learning strategies in the use of ICTs.

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