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Psychologist Ramón Coll (Huesca)

Whether you need to make adjustments in specific aspects of your life because you are going through a complicated, as if you need to realize the problematic part that generates your discomfort, this is your place. A space to unlearn old patterns and learn new, more nourishing ways of relating to your surroundings. I accompany you in this process to develop your human potential. On my part I put professionalism, look without judgment and respect. On your part, the commitment to you [email protected]

In a Gestalt therapy session there is direct contact with the therapist. It becomes a place to learn, trust, feel and experience with understanding and empathy, without judgment. Each person at their own pace. A laboratory of safety, respect and validation

I am a psychologist by the UNED, health mention, cabbage. nº A-03442 and Gestalt therapist trained at the Casa Ámbar Foundation in Barcelona. Currently, I am doing a postgraduate course in Integrative Body Techniques with Luis Carbajal, also in Barcelona, ​​while training in the discovery of Claudio's Enneagram Orange tree. I will be able to put myself in your place since I have carried out a long personal work receiving individual therapy and also in a group, nourishing myself from various currents.

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