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Psychologists in Paracuellos de Jarama

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I am a psychologist with a vocation and experience in the educational field. I work with babies, children, adolescents and their families to improve their academic, affective, behavioral and social well-being. I am registered in Madrid. The professional services that I offer can be summarized as follows: Stimulate psychomotor development and child language. Evaluate at the psychoeducational and child development level. Improve poor school performance. Detect and intervene in learning difficulties. Develop and improve cognitive, social and emotional skills. Psychoeducational intervention for children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD and ASD. Guidance for professional choice. Develop workshops and programs of a psychoeducational nature, such as study techniques, effective presentations, etc. Train and advise parents and teachers.


We are a psychology center with 18 years of experience serving children, adolescents and adults. We are specialized in offering each patient the best service, an accurate evaluation, an accurate diagnosis and an excellent and effective treatment. In addition, we offer the best treatment to our patients, cordiality, confidentiality, professional ethics, and above all, human. The goal of our team is to respond to your problems and help you solve them.

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Hello, my name is Anet, I am a psychologist-psychoanalyst, I have been practicing this profession for more than 15 years with great pride and dedication. I studied Psychology, I have several masters and courses and a specialty in children and adolescents. Currently, in addition to private practice, I give workshops to parents, teachers, adolescents and children and I teach conferences to all public within the framework of conferences of the Spanish School of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.

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I have a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón (Unife) and a member of the College of Psychologists. My extensive experience in Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching allow me to comprehensively address cases of personal development, trauma, depression, anxieties, couples therapy and grief. I currently reside in Spain doing therapeutic work in my private practice.

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Coach, teacher, I accompany you to seek transformation, resources, changes and achieve your goals that you have set for yourself in any area of ​​your life, personal, family, social and professional

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Ohana is a Psychology and Psychopedagogical Attention Center that was born from vocation, dedication and professional commitment. Our main objective is to provide the most effective strategies to, when necessary, promote the change towards emotional balance and personal development that make possible a significant improvement in the quality of life. Our fundamental values ​​are: • Sincere vocation to help people and work for their well-being. • Do not judge people for their various lifestyles, as each and every one of them is respectable. • Respect and take care of people's rhythms. • Establish the professional relationship in a framework of absolute respect, cordiality and trust. • Assume and strictly comply with the ethical values ​​of the profession contained in the code of ethics of the Official Association of Psychologists.

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Graduated in clinical psychology, specialist in children and adults. At this point, I introduce myself, I am Sonia Muñoz, director of Elijo Psicología. After several years working as a psychologist in Madrid and Torrejón, I have helped many people to feel better in life, more energetic, courageous and empowered. I keep growing, I am passionate about learning new things! Continuing to learn different methodologies, techniques and processes that help the people who work with me is one of my passions. I believe that when you work on something as important as accompanying people, it is essential to be respectful, empathetic and human. And that's how I am and how I work. In addition, I have a wonderful team who share my passion and professionalism.

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

In my beginnings as a psychologist and psychotherapist I was working at the Manantiales Foundation for the treatment of addictions and support for the families of those affected, and the Asïs Foundation in the Accompaniment Service Therapeutic. Over several years I have been completing my training as a psychotherapist within a mainly dynamic orientation, but from an integrative perspective, incorporating concepts and techniques from other psychological theories that are also valuable. All models can provide benefits and advantages depending on the situations and the people to whom they are applied. Each individual is a unique being and what may be useful and beneficial for one may not be so for another. I consider that both permanent training and being open to new techniques and theories are two important characteristics to practice this profession. I work with children, adolescents, adults and groups. Both in working with children and adolescents, the participation of parents is important, which is why part of the psychotherapeutic work is family-based.

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