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I develop my activity as a clinical and educational psychologist at the Alba psychologists clinic that I founded in 1986. In these three decades we have attended from the clinic to children, young people, families, couples... fundamentally from the cognitive-behavioral approach. We have helped and accompanied those people who have come to us from a close treatment and our greatest and most important objective has always been the search for stability and balance emotional.


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I am Claudia and I help people with disabilities and their families to overcome obstacles and grow in the face of adversities with their own method that combines psychology, coaching techniques, mentoring and their own experience. I am a psychologist, social entrepreneur, founder of the Asociación Convives con Espasticidad, coordinator of the first Schools for Coping with Disability, both in its online format and face-to-face I want to tell you that when I was born, the doctors did not have good news for my parents, I have cerebral palsy, they predicted that I would live in a permanent vegetative state. My disability has been an impulse to grow as a person, as a professional and to specialize in order to offer really useful support, accompaniment and professional services based on the knowledge and experience. I am a person who, from my own experience, knows that the limits are yet to be written, and we write them. Something that differentiates me: I do not treat the person, I accompany them in their self-improvement process according to their context. Together we will achieve the goals that you set for yourself! Everything starts with a first step.

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Health psychologist. Gestalt psychotherapist. EMDR Specialist

With 15 years of experience in the field of psychology, I decided to broaden my cognitive-behavioral training by training in Psychotherapy. Gestalt and EMDR, which allows me to focus on the person, emphasizing the importance of the here and now, awareness and responsibility. EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychotherapeutic approach in the treatment of emotional difficulties caused by difficult experiences in the subject's life, from phobias, panic attacks, traumatic death and bereavement or traumatic incidents in childhood to accidents and disasters natural. EMDR is also used to alleviate public speaking anxiety and/or phobia, to improve performance at work, in sports, and in artistic performances. EMDR as a method combines theoretical-clinical elements from orientations such as psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral and others. For many patients, EMDR is more helpful for their problems than other conventional therapies.

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