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Change the foundations of your lifestyle and manage anxiety

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Do you want to manage anxiety so that it is not an impediment in your day to day life? Do you feel that the hours of the day slip away? Fear of the future or that it won't turn out how you expect? By observing and adjusting your lifestyle, as well as daily rhythms, you can reduce anxiety.

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The influence anxiety - lifestyle

The answer is yes, and a lot. During the course of an anxious mood, many factors influence which determine its decrease or increase. This increase can sometimes lead to panic attacks, which is why self-observation is importantunderstand what has triggered an overstimulation of my nervous system.

When we feel sensations linked to anxiety, our thoughts automatically lead us to have an anxiety attack. All this happens automatically and unconsciously many times, as if it were a slide; once you've started down it, you can't stop until you reach the bottom. The reality is that there are many ways to control that "slide" fall, that is,

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the process from when we start feeling nervous until we enter the anxious loop.

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relate to anxiety

To start making changes in lifestyle and daily rhythms, we first have to know our anxiety. Everyone experiences the anxiety process differently and for different reasons, so it is important that you start a relationship with your anxiety. Don't try to run away from it, as it is there to let you know that we are not adaptively processing something.

When there is some disorder or symptom in the person, it tells us that there is some deep discomfort, a conflict that is so painful that we prefer to avoid and experience the anxiety instead of facing and uncovering the fear or lack. The opportunity in anxiety begins by accepting that something is not in coherence with my being, to later listen to our anxiety, ask ourselves why it is there, what message brings us to make our lives more satisfying and finally understand what changes to undertake focused on working on our deep discomfort and reaching the wellness.

relaxation and anxiety

Here are some questions to connect and deal with the feeling of anxiety and understand you better. What scares me so much that I don't want to move forward? Do I see myself so incapable of not knowing how to manage what the future brings? Who made me feel incapable? Remind yourself of a few words to boost your self-esteem. "Whatever happens in life, I am capable and skilled to overcome it" "The fear of... is only in my thoughts, the reality is fun and full of love” “There is no point in worrying about something that has not happened and surely will not happen. happen”.

Remember that our mind is capable of creating much crueler images and thoughts than what happens later in reality, and fears are the engine. Thinking about the future, in people with a tendency to anxiety, supposes the activation of it, so try to focus as much as you can on the present moment, no mental noise; feeling.

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The lifestyle is defined by the small decisions we make every day, these decisions are marked by everyone's priorities, which are linked to our values.

Therefore, our values ​​will mark our lifestyle. Take a few minutes to think about what your values ​​are; family, social recognition, personal growth, living experiences, solidarity, creativity, etc.

Your values, which change throughout the stages of life, will determine your priorities in life and therefore your decisions. Check your values ​​since it is possible that in the present stage, you are living from the values ​​of old stages, and therefore your actions are not consistent with your values ​​and therefore priorities. Is inconsistent value dynamics it can bring a lot of anxiety, by putting energy and efforts in the day to day without obtaining the desired results.

daily rhythms

Another very important aspect when managing anxiety is the daily rhythms. We are used to living on “autopilot”, that is, automatically; We always go the same way to the destinations and many times we do not even remember how we got to the place. This example defines the "autopilot" mode, which makes us live from rationality, without feeling or observing, which leads us to mental noise, to being without being.

To break this dynamic, start by asking yourself why I do what I do, if the things I do make sense and if I do them how I like to do them. In addition, the sensation of surprise and novelty feeds our curiosity, and makes us be in the present moment. Start by choosing different paths to reach your destinations, you will stay awake and aware in the present moment.

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opening and closing routine

Finally, daily routines will also help us connect with ourselves and understand each other better. The start and end of the day It is an opportunity to take some time for ourselves. Taking some time, however little we can, when we wake up and before going to sleep, will help us manage our mood in general.

In the mornings you can do some expression and body and mental care, so that throughout the day you can enjoy everything that happens to you with a smile on your face. It is advisable to meditate, exercise, stretch, dance, etc. with the aim of stimulating and preparing to be active.

At night it is advisable to meditate, foot bath, watch a sunset, write, etc. in order to relax and prepare to rest.

Remember that your body has some Cardiac rhtyms They are closely linked to nature, and especially to sunlight, just like animals. Go according to the hours of sunlight reconnects our physical body with our natural biological rhythms.

slow down time

All of these tips should go hand in hand with leisurely time, that is, if you suffer from anxiety, stress or speed or time limits are not going to contribute to your day to day, but the opposite, they will make you go into "automatic pilot" and lose your center; living and feeling every second focused on the present.


You may feel like you've been dealing with anxiety for a long time but not seeing positive results. Many times we focus on a solution and put efforts into it thinking that it will solve everything, but we realize that it is not. An outside perspective like that of a professional psychologist, with his knowledge and skills, can help you manage anxiety. You don't have to feel bad, let alone let the situation get worse.

I will be delighted to receive you in my consultation online and start setting goals to work on the anxiety you suffer from. Stop suffering and get in touch with a psychologist!

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