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Benefits of digital disconnection for workers on vacation

Current jobs are increasingly carried out through the virtual modality with the support of all kinds of electronic devices that They make life easier for us on a daily basis, but they can also create discomfort, dependence and even stress in certain situations. contexts.

This type of problem associated with the use of mobile phones or computers can be mitigated by means of the so-called “digital disconnection” of the workers during their vacations, an increasingly applied practice that has turned out to have great benefits at the psychological.

This disconnection not only generates subjective well-being, it also has objective effects when it comes to improve both the mental health of the person, and even affects the work dynamics of the Business. So let's see why the importance of digital disconnection during the holidays.

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The importance of digital disconnection in workers' holidays

Although each person is different, most professional profiles find advantages in the fact to adopt a digital disconnection before everything that has to do with work during the holidays. This implies not reproducing work-related routines during those rest days, that is, not regularly reviewing the company email, not having to give instructions via chat to the rest of the team members, not calling clients, etc.

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So let's see what are the benefits of this way of living the vacation period.

1. Acts as a psychological threshold

One of the main benefits of disconnecting digitally during the summer is that it allows us to symbolically close the past work cycle and encourages us to start the next cycle with energy and motivation that comes after the holidays.

Leaving aside the constant “digital” reminders of everything related to work, we experience a true full stop, and we can focus on recharging energy by doing other types of relaxing activities that do not involve screens or computers of any kind Type.

This has a psychological threshold effect, of absolute relaxation or reconnection with our non-professional facet, and also helps us improve our physical, mental and emotional health.

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2. Helps eliminate stress

The accumulated stress ends up taking its toll on many people and affects both physically and emotionally, especially in those more stressful jobs or where the person is under greater pressure.

Always being exposed to work-related information causes stress levels to remain high for longer, and vice versa, a digital disconnection from work helps us get out of those intrusive or even obsessive thoughts about everything that has to do with our professional obligations, which allows us to approach the problems from a more constructive point of view when we return from the holidays.

3. Promotes mental cleansing

This mental cleaning consists in that when we disconnect from digital devices we stop relating what happens to us daily, on the one hand, with work, on the other; in a certain sense we live things as they come to us, and not from what they remind us of. It It also allows us to free ourselves from certain negative mental loops that can damage our quality of life..

By spending time disconnected and without thinking about work, we stop associating many of the stimuli of our day to day with the environment and we can carry out a "mental reset" that allows us, once we return to the workplace, to be much more productive and diligent.

This “mental reset” or cleaning also allows us to stop always thinking in the same way about the tasks at hand. accomplish or challenges to face, and helps us discover new skills, new ways of working and new strategies daily.

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4. Promotes the vision of the future in the professional

A digital disconnect also doesn't always mean taking your mind off work altogether; sometimes we continue to do so, but from a more general and constructive perspective, less focused on everyday life. It can help us take a broader view of our professional potential, since we stop focusing on urgent short-term tasks and with this we can begin to think about our long-term work, and about what we can achieve through ambitious projects.

This vision of the future also allows us to make far-reaching decisions with which we can consider possible promotions in our company and add more value to what we do.

5. Prevents psychological disorders

There are many psychological disorders associated with work stress, and these can disappear if we carry out a complete digital disconnection during the summer months.

Some of these psychological disorders are burnout syndrome, generalized anxiety, depression and dependence on electronic devices.

These disorders can affect to a greater or lesser extent depending on the person and what is clear is that a correct disconnection helps us to reduce them or prevent their appearance.

6. free up more time

If we put aside the constant review of emails and chats at work, we will have more time for ourselves and we will be able to take advantage of all the time that these devices took away from us to do other types of activities significant, something key to not feel that we waste our time through banal actions.

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