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Psychologist Carmen Machado Castilla (Granada)

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I am a general health psychologist graduated from the University of Granada. Specialized in child and adolescent care by the UOC and with experience as a psychotherapist for different problems in both the adult and adolescent population.

My professional and educational experience has focused mainly on the problems of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and personality disorders, among others. In this sense, I try to adapt to the needs of each patient and be able to offer them the guidelines that are best oriented to their case, following an approach based on scientific evidence.

I am a sensitive and empathetic person, which leads me to get too involved in cases and want to understand the little people "inside". I have always thought that I would like to be able to help other people who have gone through difficult situations or suffer from not to be able to advance in a stage, that they have someone who really wants to be willing to help them or understand themselves better themselves.

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