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Why go to a psychiatrist: 9 reasons to go to his office

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Many people assume that the function of psychiatry is to intervene in the face of what has been called "insanity"; however, this concept is only based on stereotypes and prejudices, and the truth is that the work of psychiatrists is fundamental when faced with experiences very diverse and more common than it might seem at first, although all of them are related to mental health problems.

To better understand the work of this type of professional, in this article We will talk about the main reasons why it is important to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible, and the benefits provided by this type of intervention.

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Why is it necessary to see a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are doctors specialized in treating people's mental health, and that is why that address the problems they deal with using methodologies and resources of the approach biomedical In this sense, psychotropic drugs are usually the most common way in which they help people who really present a mental health disorder, although these are not always used substances.

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Why go to the psychiatrist

These professionals are qualified to attend a wide variety of consultations and disorders that can affect the lives of people who suffer from them, always applying those therapies and prescribing the most indicated drugs for each case.

Bearing this in mind, let's see the main reasons why we can go to a psychiatrist at some point in our lives.

1. emotional disturbances

Going to a psychiatrist will help us overcome emotional disturbances of all kinds that we may experience, and in general all those psychological problems that can affect us daily and interfere with the normal functioning of our lives daily. For example, depression, bipolar disorder, or extreme mood swings.

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2. Hallucinations and other psychotic-like disturbances

Hallucinations are another reason why we can go to the services of a psychiatrist, and This phenomenon consists of the perception of visual, sound or olfactory elements that do not exist in the reality.

The person with hallucinations will perceive sensory stimuli as real despite the fact that these do not really exist, something that can significantly affect their mental health and also their physical integrity or that of others, on some occasions.

These types of alterations can be treated pharmacologically, that is, offering a guideline for the consumption of psychotropic drugs that help eliminate these hallucinations.

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3. Suicidal thoughts

Some people end up having suicidal thoughts, which can end their lives if they finally manage to act on them.

These types of thoughts are usually associated with great vital suffering and also with the appearance of other emotional or psychological disorders that affect the mental health and daily well-being of the person. from psychiatry work is done on both prevention and emergency intervention in the face of suicide attempts.

4. Anxiety disorders

Panic attacks are brief episodes of intense terror in which the person experiences a series of physiological and psychological symptoms of discomfort, anxiety or suffering.

These types of alterations arise from anxiety disorders and occur when the fear or fear that the person has person ends up taking over her and making her lose control while feeling fear, panic and fear intense.

Panic attacks can also be treated by a specialized psychiatrist, and treatment can be both cognitive and psychopharmacological.

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5. Eating disorder

Some changes in eating habits can generate real health problems in the person and cause great discomfort both psychologically and physically.

Rapid weight loss or a need to eat food excessively and obsessively can seriously affect our health and indicate that we are facing a psychological problem.

Likewise, eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or vigorexia they can also be treated by a psychiatrist in his office.

6. addictions

There are many types of addictions that can affect a person's daily life and, if they are not treated, all of them end up destroying both their mental and psychological health through a vicious circle of dependency.

The most common addictions treated by psychiatry professionals are cases of alcoholism, addiction to marijuana or cocaine, gambling, etc.

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7. troublesome duel

The loss of a loved one it can generate a lasting emotional mark that damages the person's quality of life for months or even years. In these cases of complicated grief that becomes chronic, professional help must be sought.

8. Sleeping problems

Sleep problems can also cause real health problems in the person who suffers from them, both emotionally and physically.

Cases of insomnia and irregular sleep patterns may be due to other psychological disorders, which will be evaluated, identified and treated by a psychiatrist in the best possible way.

9. Sequelae of psychological trauma

Trauma can affect people for years or even decades, and psychiatry intervenes to try to stop those memories linked to trauma from being disruptive.

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Do you want to have psychiatric or psychotherapeutic assistance?

If you are looking for services in the field of psychiatry or psychological therapy, we invite you to contact us.

In Advance Psychologists We serve people of all ages and we offer you more than 20 years of experience in supporting mental health. You will find us in our center located in Madrid.

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