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Psychologist Lidia Toribio Martinez (Cornellà de Llobregat)

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My name is Lidia, I am a licensed health psychologist, specialized in cognitive-behavioral, systemic and mindfulness treatment. I have been providing psychological care and intervention for adolescents and adults individually for 15 years, as well as couple and family therapy. I have worked at the Mental Health and Addictions Center of Igualada and the Institute of Eating Disorders of Catalonia as a specialist in Clinical Psychology and Addictions. I also have experience working in different centers (Centre Giner, Center for Clinical Psychology of Sant Boi, Befertil...). I am passionate about my work and I am continuously training in intervention to be able to provide better service and attention. I have a great vocation for my profession and to help improve our quality of life, providing adequate tools to adapt and overcome obstacles by positively empathizing with what surrounds us and also connecting on an emotional level to live in harmony.

- More than 15 years working with patients in public and private healthcare. - Multidisciplinary and network work. - Continuous professional update. - Capacity for analysis and resolution. - Interpersonal communication. - Management of stress and emotions. - Supervision of cases to novice therapists. - Tutor and coordinator of the Practicum and Master in Clinical and Health Psychology at the UB.

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I have extensive experience as a cognitive-behavioral therapist in anxiety and mood disorders, as well as addictions and eating disorders. I also work couple and family therapy from the systemic aspect. Likewise, I have carried out therapeutic groups and mindfulness for many years.

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