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What does the STAR of DAVID mean?

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What does the star of David mean?

Religions are full of their own symbols, used so that people can use it as symbols of different aspects of religion. One of the most important religious symbols of all is the Star of David, with the presence of some of the beliefs with the largest number of believers. To get to know it in depth in this lesson from a Teacher we are going to talk about what does the star of david mean.

the star of david, also sometimes known as Solomon's seal, is an emblem composed of two equilateral triangles, which are superimposed on each other, forming a six-pointed star or a regular hexagram.

The Star of David is generally considered to be a jewish symbol, being very close to the believers of this religion, and being considered as its best known symbol. Even so there are other religions who also use the star of David as a symbol, examples of this being Christianity, Islam or many Hebrew peoples prior to Judaism.

Some sources consider the Star of David to be a kind of signature Of The Jewish King, since the name David in Hebrew is written by three letters, the first of these being the call

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dalet, being represented by a triangle.

For this reason, it is considered that David possibly considered that his signature should represent this triangle by means of six points, each point also symbolizing a direction in which God was able to protect.

What does the star of David mean - What is the star of David and what does it mean?

Although there is a tendency to think that the Star of David had its origin in the Jewish king, the reality is that the sources seem to mark its origin further back in time. Therefore, we can say that the first use of the Star of David took place in Mesopotamia, since in various Babylonian cultures remains of this symbol can already be found.

We don't know for sure how this symbol passed to the Hebrews, but the relations of these with the Mesopotamians could have caused the star to pass as a symbol between them, until it was used by King David.

People say that the king of israel he fought in some battles with a shield marked by this star, although we do not have many sources that this information is real. even with that the star became a symbol, and it is said that Solomon himself made a ring where he recorded the battle between David and Goliat framed by star

Over the years the followers of God continued to use the star as a symbol of their religion, appearing, for example, among the symbols that Christians used to mark the catacombs where they hid For this reason, although it is usually used as a Jewish symbol, already in the time of the Ancient Age it began to be Also used by Christians and Muslims.

It was in the seventeenth century when the star of David became the characteristic symbol of the Jews, being when they began to place it at the entrances of the synagogues to mark that these were the temples of Judaism. For this reason, it is considered to be the symbol of the Jews.

To finish this lesson on what the Star of David means, we must talk about the main characteristics of the symbol, being of great help to understand the meaning of the star.

Thus, the characteristics of the star of David are the following:

  • It is the identity symbol of Judaism, always the main element used to refer to this religion. Being the reason why this symbol is usually placed in the tombs of the Jews.
  • Appears in many major religions, both related to Judaism, such as Christianity or Judaism, as well as others more distant such as Hinduism or Chinese beliefs. This demonstrates the relationship of the symbol with many more cultures than the Hebrew.
  • It has been used in numerous elements throughout history, two examples being that of the flag of Israel and the flag of the Red Cross in Israel. Generally, it has been used to represent nations or organizations related to the area of ​​Israel, due to the relationship that the symbol has had with this region.
  • The representation of the Star of David seems to be closely related to the cultures with astronomical knowledge, since they considered the stars as something related to religion. That is why his first appearances seem related to the Mesopotamian gods related to the sky.
  • She was chosen as a symbol of Zionism in 1897, during the celebration of the First Zionist Congress. The main representatives of Judaism at the time were concentrated in this, most of them being those who accepted this symbol because it had been used for centuries.
What does the star of David mean - Characteristics of the star of David
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