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Psychologist Jimena Perdomo (Cuernavaca)

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My name is Jimena Perdomo Cerdán, I am a psychotherapist graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Master in Social Gerontology from the University of León Spain, certified in positive psychology by the Tec Milenio University, acupuncturist and Lecturer at the National and International. Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Master Reiki and Biodecoding. Ted x workshop with the. talk "Why we are not happy". The approach to therapy is holistic and transpersonal. I am the leader of Learn to Be Happy, a movement whose objective is to spread awareness and well-being in the world. I offer individual therapy, couples, human development workshops, retreats, Biodecoding, meditation classes and kundalini yoga. I created a therapy system called "Reconnection", which consists of a journey into your interior whose goal is to become a human being. resilient, able to overcome adversity, develop your conscience, increase your well-being, reach your full potential and heal. You can do this process through online psychotherapy anywhere in the world. Find me as Learn to Be Happy By Jimena Perdomo on youtube if you want to know more about what I do.

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Positive psychology, holistic and transpersonal psychotherapy. Kundalini Yoga teacher, meditation, mindfulness, Reiki master, acupuncturist, biodecoding of chronic diseases, online webinars conferences and workshops on well-being for companies or organizations, master of cocoa ceremonies and holistic.

I created the "Reconnection" system where I take my patients and students by the hand to reconnect with your being, let go of the past, learn to create the future you want and live today fully and wellness. This system has given great results, you can see the testimonials on the website. You can also follow me on social networks to learn more about the system. Learn to be happy: happiness clinic, on facebook, learn to be happy on instagram or learn to be happy by Jimena Perdomo on youtube.

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