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The 10 best psychology and cognitive training video games

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As has been shown in some clinical studies, video games can offer various psychological benefits. And it is that what was originally conceived as a form of entertainment based on new technologies, has given rise to a wide variety of forms of application, among which are the creation of training programs of various mental processes superiors.

Starting to play specific video games, mainly puzzle-solving ones, can be of great useful for those people who present some deficits in cognitive abilities that need to be trained. Given this, here we will review The best psychology and cognitive training video games You will find several options that can be of help in this area.

The most valued psychology and cognitive training video games

The routine of playing video games relatively frequently can enhance the development and improvement of certain cognitive abilities o Executive functions of the brain, such as attention management, memory, creativity, planning, and control of impulses.

In this list of the best psychology and cognitive training video games you will find the most recommended in this regard, although only the first has been specifically tested to verify its benefits in the scope of the

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neuropsychological intervention.

1. sincrolab


sincrolab is a prescription digital therapy for cognitive training, and proposes a series of video games based on Artificial Intelligence, with which both children and adults they will be able to train, recover and develop various cognitive processes, such as attention, memory or impulsiveness.

Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, this tool designs a personalized stimulation adapted to the needs of each user, as well as their progress in overcoming each of the games that includes the platform.

With Sincrolab you can train and improve a wide variety of cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, problem solving, problems and spatial intelligence and observe the evolution easily thanks to the automatic reports generated with the data of each departure.

2. Portal


Portal is a first-person logic video game that consists of solving fairly simple levels at the beginning that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Its combination of puzzles based on spatial distribution and an interesting narrative line has made it a one of the classics of the world of gaming.

This video game allows each player to train their visuospatial abilities when solving the different scenarios, from the creation of interspatial portals that allow the main character to be teleported from a place to another.

This game will allow you to put all your skills and ingenuity to the test to overcome the different levels, while having fun with the entertaining story in which each action takes place.

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3. antichamber


Antichamber is a first-person puzzle-solving platform video game with elements of exploration that enriches the user experience by posing all kinds of challenges.

What makes this game unique are the impossible rooms that appear throughout each level, as well as other impossible rooms in the real world such as passageways, stairs or doors.

The player will have to solve each of the tests thanks to the clues he will find, and go through the level while putting his cognitive and visuospatial skills into practice.

4. Witness

The Witness is a first-person puzzle-solving game that places us on a deserted island with countless locations to explore.

It is an open world video game that has more than 500 puzzles that will test your abilities and whose difficulty increases as we progress through it.

The story of "The Witness" presents us with a castaway who has lost his memory and must solve puzzles to recover it.

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5. scribblenauts

The "Scribblenauts" saga presents us with a puzzle game in which you can go through the level using your imagination and directing the main character of the adventure through the different adventures.

This game offers endless possibilities and allows the user to level up by using their imagination. Which means that you will be able to create any type of character or situation just by typing each of the commands that you can think of on the control panel.

This prestigious video game saga also allows you to draw all kinds of new characters to overcome each level. The limit is in the user's own imagination.

6. The Talos Principle

"The Talos Principle" is based on solving a series of puzzles or puzzles with a philosophical background that is raised through his narration.

This video game is internationally recognized for the beauty of its graphics and its scenarios, which place us in historical and iconic places of all the great ancient civilizations.

With this game you will be able to solve complicated puzzles in the first person while you ponder great enigmas of life, all immersed in a truly fascinating science fiction context.

7. Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is a first-person platform game heavily inspired by Portal, in which you will have to solve a series of puzzles to pass each level.

The protagonist of the game is the nephew of an important professor who has just been trapped in another dimension and who must go through various dimensions until he finally finds it.

8. Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is a wonderful puzzle solving game in which you will have to create architectural constructions to move from one level to the next.

With this first person game you will be able to experiment with geometric shapes and impossible architectures, as well as manipulate gravity and walk on any surface to successfully overcome each level.

9. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle solving game by exploring mazes and the manipulation of impossible objects and optical illusions of all kinds that can play a trick on you.

In each level you will find architectural constructions of all kinds, as well as attractive and artistic visual effects.

10. youropa

youropa is another of the best psychology video games, in which we have to direct a nice character through a fantasy world, with which we can walk on any surface, while we go through various platforms.

This game allows us to play and adopt new perspectives and color the world around us to pass the level.

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