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PsicoAbreu begins its expansion by opening a clinic for psychologists in Jaén

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psychoabreu, undisputed leader in mental health in Malaga, begins its expansion nationwide with the opening of its new clinic for psychologists in Jaén, offering face-to-face and online services, with a patient-centered approach, an unwavering commitment to quality and a team of experts in continuous professional development. PsicoAbreu thus becomes the best option for the improvement and care of emotional well-being.

The new clinic in Jaén, strategically located on the city's Boulevard, on Paseo de España 13, 1st floor, is a space designed to provide the patient with comfort, safety and tranquillity. With 5 spacious offices equipped with the latest technology, they offer a welcoming atmosphere with a team of 40 highly qualified professionals. qualified, specialized in different psychological disorders and areas of intervention, carrying out personalized and high-quality therapies quality.

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Your choice for emotional well-being

His commitment to patient satisfaction is reflected in his department of

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Patient Care, where a highly trained and empathetic team is dedicated to providing personalized treatment from the first contact until the end of your therapy. Committed to listening to your needs and empathizing with your experiences to provide the best possible care.

At PsicoAbreu, quality is a priority at every stage of therapy. The "Quality" department works tirelessly to ensure that the highest standards of excellence in psychological care are met. Constantly supervising the processes, evaluating patient satisfaction and ensuring that quality care is received that meets the expectations and needs of each person.

Psicoabreu believes in the importance of the continuous professional development of its psychologists to offer you the best care. Your Department of Professional development organizes a wide variety of internal training, seminars, symposiums, congresses and clinical sessions for ensure that our professionals are up to date with the latest research and techniques in the field of psychology. We are committed to providing high-quality, personalized therapies, backed by the experience and up-to-date knowledge of its team of professionals.

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Recognition of excellence

Since its foundation in 1995, PsicoAbreu has left a deep mark in the field of mental health, transforming the lives of more than 30,000 patients and successfully addressing more than 100,000 cases. His unwavering commitment to excellence and quality in psychological care has been recognized with a series of prestigious awards and recognitions.

One of the most outstanding recognitions that PsicoAbreu has received is the prestigious Dr. Fleming Award, granted by the European Association for Social and Cultural Promotion. This award is a testament to the positive impact the clinic has had on the community and its outstanding contribution to people's emotional well-being. It is a testament to PsicoAbreu's patient-centered approach and commitment to provide quality care and effective results.

In addition, the newspaper La Razón has awarded PsicoAbreu the Well-being and Quality of Life Award, recognizing its excellence in promoting emotional well-being and mental health care. This recognition highlights the crucial role the clinic plays in supporting people in their search of a balanced and satisfying life, and highlights his commitment to improving the quality of life of patients.

The magazine Psicología y Mente has also recognized PsicoAbreu as the "Best Psychology Center". This title is a testament to the dedication and experience of the clinic's team of professionals, as well as their forward-thinking approach and achievements in the field of psychology. Being recognized as the best psychology center is an honor that highlights the exceptional quality of the services provided by PsicoAbreu and its contribution to the advancement of clinical psychology.

These recognitions are not only a testament to PsicoAbreu's commitment and dedication, but also provide patients with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are choosing a renowned clinic, recognized for its excellence and quality care psychological. PsicoAbreu is proud of these achievements and constantly strives to exceed expectations, providing each patient with a personalized and effective therapy experience.

By choosing PsicoAbreu, patients can be confident that they will receive first-class care, backed by prestigious recognitions and awards. The clinic is committed to continue growing and improving, to continue being leaders in the field of mental health and provide each individual with the tools and support necessary to achieve their emotional well-being and a fulfilling life.

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Online Sessions: Comfortable and flexible access to psychological support

In addition to its face-to-face services, PsicoAbreu also offers online services through its secure and confidential platform, providing the convenience to access therapies and advice from anywhere and at any time that is necessary, with the same quality as a therapy face-to-face Its professionals are available to provide the necessary emotional support, without letting distance or lack of time be obstacles to it.

Online sessions offer a number of benefits. In addition to the convenience of not having to physically travel, they offer greater flexibility in terms of schedules. It allows you to schedule sessions according to availability, which allows you to reconcile personal and professional commitments without problems. If it is possible to attend the consultation in person, online sessions are an excellent option to receive the necessary psychological support.

In PsicoAbreu, the same quality is guaranteed in our online sessions as in face-to-face sessions. Their psychologists use evidence-based therapeutic approaches and up-to-date techniques to provide effective and personalized therapy. The online platform, secure and confidential, ensures the privacy of the data and the confidentiality of the sessions.
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