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9 Characteristics of LOWER Egypt

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Characteristics of Lower Egypt

The characteristics of Lower Egypt are that it was a society made up of different cultures, they were polytheistic, their territory was divided into nomes... In unProfesor we discover them all!

The history of Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting of the history of humanity, especially for being one of the civilizations that remained active for the longest time. Yet we must understand that Egypt was not always a single nation, but for a time was divided into two powerful cultures, known as Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. In previous lessons from a Teacher we have talked about Upper Egypt, and for this reason today we are going to deal with the main features of lower egypt, in order to know another of the regions that formed Ancient Egypt.

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What are the characteristics of Lower Egypt.

To get to know this region in depth, we must talk about its main characteristics, since these will help us better understand what we know as Lower Egypt. We must understand that many of these characteristics are going to be

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similar to those of Upper Egypt or Ancient Egypt, since all these regions shared some elements.

The main features of Lower Egypt they were the following:

  • It was a region made up of numerous cultures of the Nile delta area, Therefore, we can define the area as a very multicultural society, where cultures gradually modified each other.
  • They had polytheistic Beliefs, since they thought that there were many gods, these being the ancestors of the well-known Egyptian gods.
  • Their territory was divided into nomos, being an administration system in which the entire territory was divided into small administrations called nomos. This system was so important that after the unification Ancient Egypt took it as its own.
  • They had a division into social classes, There are three ranks, the first being that of the upper classes with soldiers and priests, the second that made up the majority of the population, and the third rank that made up of slaves.
  • The Nile played an important role in Lower Egyptian society., since its location in the delta of this river allowed them great control and management of the most important water current in the region.
  • The economic activities of Lower Egypt were common at the time, being most of farmers and artisans, but there are also merchants and artisans. Agriculture was the basis of the economy of Lower Egypt since in the Nile delta there were very fertile lands that allowed huge harvests, producing even more than they could consume.
  • It was a small territory, especially in comparison with Upper Egypt, this being because it had not been made up of so many peoples and civilizations in the area, so they did not have a large population.
  • Were very good merchants laying the foundation for what Ancient Egypt would achieve after reunification. It is considered that they were the biggest traders in their time, and especially for the control of the Nile.
  • They were not good fighters, which is considered one of the main reasons why they were absorbed by Upper Egypt to form what we know as Ancient Egypt. Even so, we do know that their warriors held important positions in society.
  • The citizens of Lower Egypt were great navigators, being able to navigate the arms of the Nile with ease, they were considered the fastest people to circulate through this body of water.
  • Lower Egypt formed Nile routes, which allowed them not to have to have land transport, since all the trips were made by water, and at the same time made it more difficult for the enemies to attack them.
  • It was a very flat area. so the journeys between cities were simple and without major complications, different from Upper Egypt, which did have many mountains in its region.
  • The Nile was the center of life of Lower Egypt in all senses, and even in their calendars the days on which the water increases or decreases were marked, since their activities vary depending on this.
Characteristics of Lower Egypt - What are the characteristics of Lower Egypt

What was Lower Egypt like?

He lower egypt It is the form that was called the northern area of ​​Ancient Egypt, this term being used both when it was an independent region, and when it was unified with the upper egypt to create what we know as Ancient Egypt.

Lower Egypt was changing its extension throughout the centuries, but we can say that in general it ranged from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to more beyond southern Cairo, thus occupying the entire area of ​​what we know as the fertile region of the delta of the Nile.

lower egypt It was very important, since he is considered the creator of the concept of nomes, being the system of administrative divition that would be used by the Egyptians throughout centuries. We can say that this division was at first a unique feature of Lower Egypt, but when it became unified the region both they and Upper Egypt understood that it was the best way to divide the region equally administrative.

As for its capital, we must say that it was the city of memphis, which had such relevance in Egyptian history later, the main goddess of the city was Wadjet and her The main symbol was the Red Crown, used to indicate the governor, and that years later the pharaoh would take as a symbol Of Egipt.

In unProfesor we offer you a summary of the unification of Egypt.

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