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The 8 signs that you do not value yourself enough

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Life is full of negative external situations that we cannot control or interfere with. However, the attitude that we choose to maintain in the face of such situations and, especially, the image that we create about ourselves makes us It is easier to go through those bad moments in a more pleasant way and it even opens the doors for us to come out of them stronger than never.

It is portrayed that the way we value ourselves says a lot about what happens to us on a day-to-day basis and even about what we allow to happen to us. In short, if we really believe that we deserve good things, we attract them and vice versa. Therefore, it is known that valuing oneself and the self-esteem go hand in hand, to such an extent that those individuals with low self-esteem and consequently little self-worth, show a clear decline in their interpersonal relationships, personal well-being and, in general, a drop in their quality of life.

Psychological experts affirm that self-worth makes us behave in accordance with our thoughts, values ​​and ideals. Therefore, knowing how to value oneself influences all facets of life since those who lack it tend to encounter difficulties in relating to others or completing life actions daily. How do I know if I value myself enough?

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Signs that show that you are not valuing yourself enough

Many times we are not aware of how little we value ourselves; For this reason, in today's article, we will analyze in depth some signs that reveal this harmful attitude with which we face the vast majority of situations in life. Our intention is not to alarm anyone, since we have the great advantage that self-worth can be learned and improved day after day. Below, we list 8 of these signs:

1. You suppress your ideas and thoughts

Has it happened to you to be surrounded by people and think that it is not worth expressing your ideas because they are not as good as others? This is a clear sign that your self-esteem is low and you don't value yourself enough. Have confidence in yourself, get into your head that your opinion counts.

Signs that you don't value yourself enough

What you have to say is just as important as what the rest say.. Stop comparing yourself to others as you will only think that you lack something that they do have. To replace this feeling, we recommend shifting your focus to yourself. Think about how you have improved over time and if you want to compare yourself, compare yourself with your past self.

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2. You justify the bad behavior of others towards you

You have to be clear that it is not okay for someone to treat you badly under any circumstances. It is true that each person has a different personality and therefore, some react more peacefully in discussions and others are more likely to react quickly more quickly. However, this is not your problem. It does not matter if the person has a calmer trait or, on the contrary, more altered, you have to know that absolutely no one can speak badly to you or have the right to make you have a bad time.

3. You don't see the positive things that others see in you

This is another of the main signs that we do not value ourselves enough. If your family, friends, partner see beautiful things in you and you are not able to see them, it may be that you value yourself little. The people around you tell you how handsome, intelligent, studious, etc. that you are and you cannot accept it and see it. To think that they say it out of commitment or to look good It is a clear example of low self-esteem and little self-love. This does not stop here. Going a step further, if those around you warn you that your partner does not have a good attitude towards you and instead After listening to them, you think that they are exaggerating and you walk away, it is one more alert that indicates that you do not value yourself. enough.

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4. You don't know the word no

Many people have great difficulty saying no. It is difficult for us to deny ourselves even if it goes against our values ​​and ideals for fear of the consequences that you may have or even because we have been educated to be cordial and kind to any situation. Now, knowing how to say no without guilt or shame is vital in order not to burn out in the long run for allowing others to make decisions for us. In this regard, experts affirm that assertiveness is a basic pillar for our self-esteem because it allows us to communicate effectively, valuing our rights and opinions. Once again, assertiveness is something that can be improved and learned.

5. “Shopping” being with people

Low self-worth individuals think that no one really wants to be with them, so they “buy” time with others. That is, they constantly invite their friends to the movies, always pay for dinner with their partner, do expensive gifts and ultimately spend a lot of money on schemes to satisfy the the rest. In the end, It is a way of making sure and at the same time calming down by feeling that others are with you because they "want to" and not because of commitment. or out of pity (although in reality they are because you pay for everything).

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6. You give more than you receive

You are always willing to give your house, your money, your time to others without expecting anything in return. You feel indebted to others and that's why you don't stop giving and giving. Being empathetic, generous and kind are exceptional qualities that you should not take away from your life, however, you have to find the balance. People who do not value themselves enough do not do their actions to be generous, but to make sure that someone loves them. In case it is not obvious, this is not a good way to start any type of relationship since the probability of generating toxic links, where others approach you for convenience, skyrockets.

7. you don't forgive yourself

If the idea of ​​"I don't value myself enough" has crossed your mind, you should practice forgiveness with yourself. Many times things do not go as we had planned, but holding on to a mistake either towards others or towards yourself ends up making the ball bigger and doing more damage. People who value themselves little do not allow themselves to go through the healing process that forgiveness entails. Therefore, love yourself and understand that you are not a fortune teller and there is no way to know for sure if what you do is constantly correct. We all make mistakes, it is part of life. The important thing is to learn from mistakes to grow on a personal level. The key to valuing yourself is precisely to focus on the present, that is, on what you are now and how you can improve it.

8. you speak badly

How we talk to ourselves says a lot about our self worth. The words with which we treat ourselves have a great influence on our thoughts, actions and emotions. Therefore, practice positive or motivating affirmations and you will see how it helps you value yourself and face the various situations in life in a more effective way.

In fact, many times we do not realize all the effort we have made to face certain moments. To learn to value yourself, you must be more grateful for everything you have managed to do. In short, the easy way out is to look back critically and wish you had done better. However, it is better to focus on those progress that you have achieved little by little throughout your life.

In conclusion, these are some of the key signs that can reveal low self-esteem and therefore low self-worth. When faced with a problem, valuing yourself implies focusing on your strengths and trying to face it with the right tools and skills instead of focusing on the negative of the situation. Valuing yourself also implies accepting yourself and putting yourself as an absolute priority. Therefore, if you have felt identified with the signs described above, we recommend that you go to a mental health professional so that he can help you and accompany you on the long but precious path of courage own.

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