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22 children's movies on Netflix to have fun in 2023

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Filmes infantis costumam enchant the children, transported to magical universes and adventure cheios.

Netflix has various entertainment options for the little ones, drawing animations and live actions that promise a lot of fun. Confirm our selection!

1. Lego Friends: The Next Chapter (2023)

Poster of the film Lego Friends shows group of children in drawing format

This is an animation from the Lego Friends group that hits Netflix in May 2023.

The first day of class can be a little uncomfortable for the children. More em Lego Friends: or next chapter, that is the day in which new friends will be feitas.

The group of children gets together and, in the midst of a lot of confusion, prepares a delicious bolo for the festival of boas-vindas da escola.

2. Ivy and Bean (2022)

dinner of the film Ivy and Bean shows a black girl in the foreground and family behind

The long run is directed by Elissa Down and is based on a literary series by Annie Barrows. The plot revolves around two girls with completely different personalities who become great friends.

Ivy is courageous, outgoing and bouncy, while Bean is shy and quiet. But the two days we create a strong connection and we perceive that we don't need to be alike to be friends. Likewise, we end up living many adventures together!

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3. Frangoelho e o Hamster das Trevas (2022)


Frangoelho e o Hamster das Trevas | trailer | Dubbed (Brazil) [HD]

This adventure and comedy animation is directed by Ben Stassen and Benjamin Mousquet. We accompany her with Hopper Chickenson, the adoptive son of a renowned brother named King Arthur.

He is a different figure, half of the neck and half of the chicken, also being very distracted trapped. But when his uncle goes to prison and tries to take his father's place, Hopper decides to intervene.

With the help of faithful friends, Frangoelho gets involved in a fantastic mission.

4. O little mighty Bheem: eu amo o Taj Mahal (2022)

dinner of the film The Little Powerful Bheem shows Indian family in front of the Taj Mahal in the form of a drawing

Derived from the series of the same name, this is a 20-minute production drawn by little Bheem, a garotinho about a year old, now at Taj Mahal.

There are no dialogues and the plot is simple, more intelligent, turned even for very small children.

5. Barbie Mermaid Power (2022)

dinner of the film Barbie Mermaid Power shows two series in the form of a drawing

A group of Barbie friends venture into an underwater kingdom in the form of series on a very important mission and one of challenges.

Mixing adventure, music and comedy, this animation will show the value of friendship and courage.

6. Curta two minions 2 (2022)


Trailer – Curtas dos Minions 2 [DUBBED] | TeleFilms Plus

Produced by the Illumination studio, this is a compilation of short minions experiencing the most disastrous and funny adventures.

Directed by Fabrice Joubert and Brian Lynch, we see your beloved characters in various situations that will bring lots of laughs.

7. Soccer in Trouble (2022)

animated film dinner Futebol em apuros

This is an animation from Netflix that promises a lot of fun for the whole family. With soccer as the main subject, the story shows a group of sports fanatic friends who decide to fight against an evil scientist who uses the skills of their idols.

The direction of this long-metragem of one hour and half was in charge of Mitch Schauer.

8. Trools 2 (2022)


Trolls 2 - Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD

Nessa enchanting comedy we see you love trolls in a mission to guarantee the existence of all musical genres. It is because a group of evil trolls resolved that hardly any heavy rock could exist.

The production is two of the same Shreck breeders and is directed by Walt Dohrn.

9. Hilda and the Mountain King (2021)


Hilda e o Rei da Montanha | trailer | Dubbed (Brazil) [HD]

This is a continuation of the second season of the series hilda, which shows a girl transformed into a troll fighting to return to human form.

In my midst, she befriends the king of the mountains and also tries to help him.

The design is very good visually and draws messages of love and courage.

10. Xico, or magical puppy (2021)

pup flying on the shores of a vermela bird

This is a Mexican production that includes the assignment of Eric Cabello in the direction.

The story shows the perseverance of a girl and her incredible puppy Xico in the fight to preserve nature and face a millionaire magnate who wants to explore and destroy the region.

11. Sims Day (2021)

Poster of the film Sim's Day shows white family having fun

Directed by Miguel Arteta, this is a fun film that shows the marriage of Carlos and Alisson on a rather hectic day.

Accustomed to only saying "não" to the children, one day they decide to be more flexible and accept everything that the three children propose. Or that they did not imagine that this would put you in many conflicts and confusions.

A family comedy for the whole family!

12. Little Big Heroes (2020)


Little Big Heroes, with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Pedro Pascal | Official Trailer | Netflix

Robert Rodriguez directs this adventure science fiction. Here we accompany the continuation of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. But this time the superheroes are in trouble, because they were kidnapped by aliens.

Likewise, their children enter dinner and unite to save the country and the planet.

13. Encrencão (2021)


EncrenCao | trailer | Dubbed (Brazil) [HD]

Being very well cared for by his rich donna, Encrenca is a puppy accustomed to luxury. One day, unfortunately, his lady dies. The nephews of the woman are very profitable and prove that they will inherit their fortune.

They move to the lady's mansion, but have no less patience with the dog and decide to get rid of him. It is thus that Encrenca will have to face a harsh reality that is very different from which it grew up.

14. To Sabia Sabiazinha (2021)


To Sabia Sabiazinha | Official Trailer | Netflix

This enchanting short film tells the story of a wise woman in search of belonging and her true identity. She grew up in a family of rats and, for that reason, she always felt different from the others.

One day, sad, she decides to make a request for a burning star to return for a while too.

15. Octonauts and the Fire Circle (2021)

Dinner of the Octonauts animation and the circle of fire

Before great volcanic eruptions that cause a series of disasters to erupt around the ocean, the Octonauts come together to face enormous obstacles in order to save the planet.

16. The Rhythm of the Jungle (2021)

Cartaz do filme de animação O ritmo da selva shows various animals

A fun adventure directed by Brent Dawes, O Ritmo da Selva shows a group of animals who find an alien lost in the jungle after their ship crashed.

They join forces in the attempt to help the new friend to return to their home planet.

17. To Moon Road (2020)


TO ROAD OF THE LUA | Official Trailer 1 | A production Netflix / Pearl Studio

A Caminho da Luna is directed by Glen Keane, John Kahrs. It tells about a courageous and intelligent girl who built a spaceship and embarked in the direction of Lua to show her father that a mystical and special creature lives in the star.

She manages to get to the moon and she meets fantastic beings that will help her on the journey.

18. Spongebob: Or Unbelievable Rescue (2020)


SpongeBob: Or Unbelievable Rescue | Official Trailer | Netflix

em Spongebob: Or Unbelievable RescueSpongeBob becomes concerned when his friend Gary mysteriously disappears.

He believes that Gary was kidnapped by the evil King Poseidon. Determined to rescue him, Bob Chama or friend Patrick to help him out. As soon as we try, the two of you will make new friends and you will get into many adventures.

19. Pachamama (2019)

Dinner of the animation Pachamama shows a girl and a girl flying on top of a bird

In a small village in the Cordilheira dos Andes, the mysterious robbery of a sacred statue awakens the concern of the community.

Determined to become a great man, a courageous young man embarks on a courageous adventure to recover the artifact and trace it back.

A beautiful animation directed by Juan Antin.

20. Sitara: Dreaming with the Stars (2020)

dinner of the animated film Sitara, dreaming with the stars

Raised by award-winning Pakistani filmmaker and ativist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, this is a more melancholic and dramatic 15-minute animation.

It tells about a girl who dreams of flying airplanes and being the lady of her own life. But unfortunately she is engaged in marriage to a very old man.

21. Duck Duck Goose (2018)


Duck Duck Goose | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The direction of the animation is Christopher Jenkins and narrates the adventures of Peng, a single and imature goose who accidentally separates the two little ducks Chao and Chi from the rest of the migration group.

Likewise, Peng faces the challenge of figuring out how to care for the children and deliver them safely to their caregivers.

22. The Story of Princess Kaguya (2013)

Japanese Animation Dinner or Princess Kaguya Story

This is a classic from Studio Ghibli, a famous Japanese producer of animated films.

Nesse a beautiful tale of drama and fantasy, we follow the story of Kaguya, a pretty girl found by a simple peasant when she was still very little.

She grows up and becomes a beautiful young woman who arouses the interest of various suitors, including nobles and the emperor. However, feeling distraught, Kaguya sets off in search of freedom.

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