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Psychologists in Coronel Suarez

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Degree in psychology

I have a degree in psychology and social psychologist. I am dedicated to the clinical care of adolescents, youth and adults. I did hospital practices at the José T. Borda, as part of the Social Reintegration Service 6 team. In turn, I participated in women's groups aimed at personal strengthening and bonding, with a gender perspective. I did training in psychoanalysis, comprehensive sexual education, systemic-strategic therapy, and currently acceptance and commitment therapy. I like to work together with the consultant, building a space of trust, listening and openness, oriented to the knowledge of oneself, including the social, cultural, historical and health context comprehensive. Exploring the history of learning, observing and connecting with the emotions, thoughts and sensations that present in each here and now, having as a horizon to move towards what is important and valuable for your life.

Psychologist Edelweiss Raposo (Pinamar)

I am an Argentine psychologist and psychoanalyst. I attend Spanish-speaking patients regardless o...

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Psychologists in Valeria del Mar

Therapeutic companion Hello, I would like to be able to help you to make an Insight in your life ...

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Psychologists in Valentín Alsina

Degree in Psychology UBA, Master in Journalism at UdeSa Hello! I am Verónica Posteraro, a psychol...

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