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Psychologist Jesús Emilio Castro Rodríguez

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I try to carry out my clinical interventions with brevity and effectiveness. Within my consultation there are always two experts, the user who is an expert in his life and me as a therapist who, for my part, studies, preparation, qualifications and professional experience (more than twenty years of clinical practice) I am an expert in psychology. I am passionate about my work, and I try to ensure that the user who comes to my consultation understands what is happening to them so that I can implement solutions that are as simple and immediate as possible. I do not believe that the complexity of life can be reduced to symptoms, in fact, I understand that symptoms are essentially very valuable information about people and their context.

Psychologist Specialist in Clinical Psychology, Ministry of Education, 2011. Professor and Tutor of psychologists aspiring to the title of Master of Clinical Practice, from the Spanish Association of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, 2013. Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of La Laguna in the class of 1989-1994. Obtains research proficiency through the oral defense of his research work, being rated with the highest grade (OUTSTANDING), on 1-3-1999, at the University of La Laguna.

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Dear Sir. I do not understand his determination to attack a person whom he has never even met and who obviously has not even been able to make an attempt to help him. You are spending precious time and effort giving your opinion on all my networks, without even, I repeat, having met me. I have repeatedly apologized for the half-hour delay, but you will understand that that is why waiting rooms exist, to wait. I strongly recommend that you use your energy to find a professional who can help you. It is clear that you need specialized care and you are lucky to be in a geographical location which has one of the best psychology faculties in Spain and therefore with magnificent professionals. Of course not the richest and therefore with the most luxurious facilities, but with magnificent training, which in my case, is accompanied by an experience of almost three decades. In any case, it is evident that I will no longer be able to help you, you yourself have not allowed me to do so. Ask yourself why. Greetings and I wish you good luck.

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