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The 10 best Geriatric Residences in Alicante

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Nursing homes and nursing homes are becoming more and more equipped and they offer, most of them, a professional and quality service for their clients. When the time comes when a family member can no longer live independently and needs medical care constant, it is time to turn to the services of one of the excellent centers that offer that service in our country.

The city of Alicante is no exception, and that is why we can find a select group there. of residences and nursing homes for the elderly that, without a doubt, will satisfy our interests with you grow

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The 10 best geriatric centers (residences for the elderly) in Alicante

Take a look at the list We have compiled the 10 best and most recommended geriatric care centers located in the city of Alicante, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Doña Rosa Residence

madam Rosa

In the Doña Rosa Residence You can find a therapeutic, relaxation and tranquility space for our elders, where they will be attended by multidisciplinary professionals whose main objective is to focus on the well-being of the residents. The center has 20 years of history, and its workers have specialized in providing the best possible care in a enabled environment with large common areas, air-conditioned rooms and recreational gardens, among others facilities.

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In addition, each of the rooms in the residence is adapted for people with reduced mobility and has all the most modern and useful services possible. Thus, the main services offered at the residence are, among others, medicine, nursing, psychology and also a occupational therapy.

  • You will find this residence on Avenida Antonio Ramos Carratala, number 17.

2. Ballesol Playa San Juan


The residence for seniors Ballesol Playa San Juan It is an excellent residential center located 200 meters from San Juan beach, where we will find social and health care exhaustive and complete in different areas of daily life and adapted to the characteristics of the person, all in a coastal environment unbeatable.

The center has a capacity of 112 places and a temporary stay, rehabilitation or permanent, in any of its rooms, single or double, perfectly adapted to the needs of the resident. In addition to a 24-hour medical service, physiotherapy and sociocultural entertainment, the center offers a wide variety of specialized services of all kinds to satisfy the needs of the resident.

  • You will find this center on Avenida San Sebastián, number 33.

3. Our Lady of Victory

Our Lady of Victory

The team of professionals at the residence for the elderly Our Lady of Victory Their priority objective is to meet any needs that the resident may have and make them feel at home.

In addition to the common day-to-day services related to maintenance, the main health and social care services that The residence workers offer a medical and nursing, psychological, occupational therapy and physiotherapy service, among others. others.

  • The Nuestra Señora de la Victoria Residence is located at Camino Juncaret, number 20, in Sant Vicente del Raspeig.

4. Alicante Condominium

The residence for seniors Alicante Condominium It is the ideal place for older people who can no longer live on the sun and require constant attention from expert professionals.

It is a newly built center with modern rooms equipped for any need and facilities suitable for rest such as terraces, the gym or a large garden and other outdoor spaces free. The center's professionals will also provide residents with different care, maintenance, well-being and comfort services.

  • Find this residence on Avenida de Ansaldo, number 2.

5. Gerusia Residence

In the Gerusia Residence We will find a multidisciplinary team of socio-health professionals committed to the well-being of each one of us. the users of the center, among whom we can highlight a select group of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and animators.

All this in a residence with both single and double rooms, its own dining room, activities room, two television rooms, large gardens and free visiting hours.

  • Find it on Calle Cruz de Piedra, number 10.

6. Afa Alicante

In the residence facilities Afa Alicante We will find an optimal space for tranquility, relaxation and therapy for elderly people affected by Alzheimer's who require daily professional monitoring.

A multidisciplinary and qualified human team will offer psychological and social medical care and also a care service to the patient's families, in a humane and personal way.

  • You will find the center on Avenida Deportista Miriam Blasco, number 13.

7. The Paular

Residency professionals The Paular They offer excellent healthcare service, especially medical and nursing care; social care services, in which the patient is stimulated and general facility maintenance services.

The center is located in an optimal wooded area for relaxation and rest, and among the main Leisure facilities of the residence include a swimming pool, fountains and large rest areas. landscaped.

  • You can find the residence on Calle Azafrán, number 62.

8. Alicante Babel

The residence for seniors Alicante Babel It is also a good choice for those elderly people who need professional health monitoring in their daily lives.

In addition to offering care for specific diseases such as Alzheimer's, the residence's professionals will offer services medical assistance, nursing and psychological care, sociocultural assistance and other maintenance and welfare.

  • Find this residence on Avenida de Alcalde Lorenzo Carbonell, number 56.

9. Cap Blau

The Cap Blau Senior Citizens Residence offers a health and sociocultural monitoring service for its patients, led by medical experts, psychologists, physiotherapists and social workers.

In addition to the common services and maintenance of the facilities, the center also prepares weekly menus adapted to the specific needs of each patient.

  • Find the Cap Blau residence on Avenida de Benidorm, number 105, in San Juan, Alicante.

10. San Vicente Residence

The San Vicente Senior Residence offers comprehensive geriatric care in a newly built building equipped with the most modern personalized services in each room.

In this center we will find assistance services, comfort services and also services for families.

  • You will find it on Calle Músico Mariano Pérez Pico, number 6, in Sant Vicente del Raspeig.

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