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IT Recruitment: Recruitment tools for technological profiles

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The information technology (IT) professional industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In the technology sector, positions such as big data analyst, programmer or web developer are increasingly in demand. However, the particularity that characterizes the labor market in this sector—unlike other more traditional ones— is that there are few professionals who have the necessary qualifications to fill the jobs that are available. they offer.

In other words, demand is much greater than supply, so it is the companies themselves that must “capture” professionals to incorporate them into their projects. This has led to more and more companies hiring recruiters professionals in the area of ​​IT Recruitment to conduct personnel selection.

What does the job of an IT Recruiter consist of?

IT Recruiters are those professionals who are in charge of searching and selecting talent, that is, register the most qualified person to occupy a job position in a certain industry project technological. In general, they are hired by companies or organizations to carry out this work. Therefore, their role is to pivot between the candidates and the company, operating as an intermediary between both parties.

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The recruiter must be able to provide multiple solutions to send job offers to the right professionals, implementing the necessary strategies to attract talent. The active search for candidates to fill a vacancy is called sourcing in the field of Human Resources, and it is a stage of the selection process that the professional must know how to handle skillfully and quickly.

An IT recruiter can use different digital recruiting tools, as we will see below, but must have other competencies that are shared with the recruiters who carry out selection processes traditional. For example, although the tools facilitate the task of searching for the ideal profiles for a position, the recruiter must keep track of the best candidates and give them certain feedback or feedback. At the same time, they must have sufficient interpersonal skills to dialogue assertively with the representatives of the companies that have hired their services.

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Recruitment tools for technological profiles

Now, within the process of recruiting technological profiles, different platforms have been developed that are a very useful tool to facilitate this task. In general terms, these sites tend to, on the one hand, put companies in contact with potential candidates for a vacancy according to their skills or competencies. On the other hand, they are responsible for helping companies evaluate candidates in a practical way; a much more fruitful and realistic methodology compared to the analysis of a resume. For example, these platforms could present a developer with a coding challenge to test their skills. Next, we will see some of them:

1. HackerRank

HackerRank is a platform founded in 2012 that allows the evaluation of candidates based on the resolution of a problem that aims to test their skills.. This platform allows you to send a challenge to all candidates instantly that meets the requirements of the position they are applying for. Subsequently, HackerRank creates a ranking or hierarchical list based on the performance of each of the candidates. In recent years, HackerRank has tried to develop challenges that are increasingly tailored to the real problems that IT professionals could face.

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2. DevSkiller

DevSkiller is a site that has worked with renowned companies such as PayPal, Deloitte, Orange, Volkswagen or Unicef, with the aim of helping companies identify the best talent. Likewise, it is responsible for enhancing the skills that individuals already have. DevSkiller offers free courses to take the first steps toward becoming a certified technical recruiting professional.


CodeSignal is a platform based in California, founded in 2014, that offers different services for the recruitment of technological profiles. For example, in order to save time, allows recruiters to focus on candidates who are best qualified for a position, serving as a “funnel” for high-volume projects. Other products focus on the organization of selection processes that seek to completely eliminate biases that an interviewer could suffer when making a decision, with the aim of ensuring a fairer process.

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TestGorilla is a Danish platform that offers assessments to help recruiters search for the talent, according to its slogan, so that its decisions are “faster, easier and free of prejudices.” As well as other platforms, TestGorilla offers a free trial of the service. Well-known companies belonging to different markets, from H&M to Sony, chose to replace paper resumes with the tests offered on this page.

5. Jobscore

Jobscore is an easy-to-use American platform that promises through its services help recruiters save time and money by finding the most suitable experts for the vacancy in question. Jobscore offers different plans for both small and large companies with the aim of finding the most qualified candidates for the position.

6. HireEZ

HireEZ is a recruiting platform based on a methodology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and attract talent. It also offers solutions to enhance leadership and recruitment. On the other hand, HireEZ has a recruitment academy that seeks to train professionals in this area; with some training courses of great interest such as the use of technologies such as chatGPT for talent acquisition. All HireEZ courses provide certifications to those who train at the academy.

Do you want to train in Personnel Selection?

If you are interested in becoming professional in the selection and recruitment processes, the Own University Master's Degree in Talent Selection and Management from the University of Malaga is for you. In it you will learn from a team of teachers and collaborators who work in several of the most important companies operating in Spain.

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