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How to use the scaler

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In this video I will explain what it is and how to use a scale on Technical drawing. The scaler is a special ruler used to measure the scale at which a figure or an element of reality is represented.

A scaler (or also architect's scale) is a special ruler whose cross section has a prismatic shape in order to contain different scales in the same ruler.

The scalemeter it is used mainly to draw spaces that in reality would not fit on a sheet.

This ruler has a prismatic shape. The scale has three types of scale:

  • the natural scale: 1: 1
  • the scale of enlargement: x: 1
  • the reduction scale: 1: x

The scaler is used to measure on drawings that contain various scales. On its edge it contains a range with calibrated scales and it is enough to rotate on its longitudinal axis to see the appropriate scale. It can be used to measure undefined scales on your body (mentally doing the math). In institutes or universities it is used to measure drawings or other works.

In the video I explain in more detail what is a scale and how to use it

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. Also, if you want to practice what you learned in today's lesson, you can do the printable exercises with their solutions that I have left you on the web.
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