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Types of centers of triangles

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In this video I will explain the types of centers of the triangles.

  • Barycenter or centroid: is the point at the intersection of the medians. Equivalent to the center of gravity. To find it, we will need the medians.
  • Circumcenter: It is the center of the circumscribed circumference; the one that passes through the three vertices of the triangle. We find it from the intersection of the bisectors of the sides.
  • Incenter: center of the inscribed circle. It is found at the intersection of its bisectors, the lines that divide the angles of the triangle into two equal parts.
  • Orthocenter: Point that is in the intersection of their heights. With it we do not find any element by which a circumference can be found.
  • Former centers: center of the exinscribed circles, is at the intersection of an interior bisector and an exterior angle bisector.

In the video you will see visual and graphic examples of each type of center of the triangles. Also, if you want to practice what you learned in today's class, you can do the printable exercises with their solutions that I have left you on the web.

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