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What is the relocation of a company

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In this video I will explain what is the relocation of a company.

The offshoring It is a phenomenon of the current economy.

For one businessBeing located at the right time and in the right place is an essential element for business success.

Currently, companies multinationals They are moving to third world countries to reduce their production costs. (from the west to the third world).

In this way it is produced in countries with lower salaries (cheap labor) and countries with less taxes to pay.

This is possible because currently, with the globalizationIt can be produced in one place and consumed in another.

East change of the companies from one country to another, generates that many people lose their jobs, and that others (those of the third world) charge little money to work. Production in their countries of origin can only be maintained with the factor of skilled labor.

All these factors are generated because the main objective of multinationals is to make money.

In addition, on the web I have left you some printable exercises with their solutions so that you can practice what you learned in today's lesson.

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