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20 melhores cult films to watch on Netflix (in 2021)

Films cult, or cult films, they are classics of cinema that have gained enormous popularity together with two parties and continue to be adored by the public, even decades after their release.

Some definitions of thermo are applied only to works of independent cinema or underground. In this content we are going to embrace a more general conception: we select some dicas of films that are available from the Netflix catalog and the conquered têm legions of spectators.

1. O Mighty Chefão (1972)

O Mighty Chefão (1972)

The classic gangster directed by Francis Ford Coppola continues to be considered one of the two greatest and most iconic films of all times.

Based on the homonymous romance of Mario Puzo, the narrative is passed no underworld gives mafia, following the life (and criminal activities) of the Corleone family. Don Vito, or chef das operações, has a brilliant interpretation of Marlon Brando in the main role.

Or timeless longa-metragem provokes non-public fascination, presenting a perigo reality, doubtful businesses,

traições e mortes, but also to which values ​​prevail such as loyalty and family protection.

2. The Life of Brian (1979)

The Life of Brian (1979)

We can not fail of comedies cult I will mention Monty Python, or English group that fez history and uncomfortable many people like suas clever satires. A notorious example is Brian's life, a long-term biblical theme that has been banned in various parts of the world.

Or protagonist, Brian, is a homem who was born at the same time as Jesus and ends up being confused with him. The film was extremely controversial and used at the time of the serious Foram breeders accused of blasphemy.

O projeto chegou to ficar sem financing, but was supported by George Harrison, former member two Beatles, and I managed to break bars, having conquered a great success together with two viewers.

3. Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner, or Android Hunter um a scientific fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, based on the romance of Philip K. Dick O longa was a true failure in bilheteiras, but depois fez a huge success as a public.

A dystopian history occurs in the year of 2019, a time that humanity is not in the process of collapse. Exploring and colonizing other planets, humans criam androidsà sua imagem (called "replicants") to carry out heavy work.

Or protagonist, Rick Deckard, is a former policeman who needs to hunt down the replicants who fogem and disobey orders. It is about a repentant reflection on the technological advances and as moral and ethical questions that we can face in the near future.

Check for full analysis: Blade runner (1982): analysis and meanings of the film.

4. Clube dos Cinco (1985)

Clube dos Cinco (1985)

A comedy and drama film directed by John Hughes, Clube dos Cinco é um portrait of youth two years 80. A story follows the passages of five adolescents who only seem to be a coisa em comum: punishment ficaram na escola.

Belonging to totally different "urban tribes", the olham uns for others with mistrust. Not so, when they are forced to coexist and redirect a joint work, sketches of appearances e formam laços de amizade.

Adored young public hair, or longa ended up becoming a classic two films of ensino medio and influenciou incontáveis ​​produções that arise depois.

5. My Friend Totoro (1988)

My Friend Totoro (1988)

A Japanese animated film by Hayao Miyazaki, considered a genre master, Meu Friend Totoro It is simply imperdível. A fantasy story, past Japan of post-war, follow the steps of duas irmãs, Mei and Satsuki.

As garotas (4 and 11 years old) moved as a country to a rural vila, where we know spirits of the forest that we live for the. Among them stands out the figure of Totoro, a creature similar to a coelho cinzento that dislocates in a bus-cat called Nekobasu.

Esse strange and magical universe I conquered a definitive space not the heart of the inner world, which will become true followers of Studio Ghibli, which will produce or long.

6. Sociedade dos Poetas Mortos (1989)

Sociedade dos Poetas Mortos (1989)

Another past film not in the middle of it, Society of two Deadly Poets transmit uma incomum and inspiring vision about knowledge and school space.

A narrative and focused on us who frequent the last year of a school only for raptors, dominated by a climate of discipline and competition. It's about uma criticism of the ensino system rigid that restricts freedom and individuality of young people.

Or fate of them and altered as checked by a new professor, John Keating, who uses unconventional methods. A pedagogue influence touches the spirits of two students and transform or as I climb the world, conquering also the affection of the public.

Check out the complete analysis of the film Society of two Deadly Poets.

7. A Noite dos Mortos-Vivos (1990)

A noite dos mortos-vivos (1990)

Or horror film directed by Tom Savini é umremake do longa independent by George Romero, released in 1968, which marks the history of cinema.

Much next to the original, which helped define the genre, the narrative follows the passages of Barbara and Johnny during a invasion of zumbis. I will leave you without cemetery, visiting the country, when you are attacked by a dead-alive person for the first time.

From here on, we need to unite with other people and coexist with them, not through chaos, to defend ourselves from sedentary creatures and survive.

8. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction: Tempo de Violência It is an unmistakable police drama and one of the most famous works of Quentin Tarantino, a film director who had a huge fan base.

A gangster narrative crosses three histories of crimes and inspired by the universe of pop culture in genre magazines pulp, made by combinarem cEnas of humor with violent passagens.

Vincent Vega is an assassin who is responsible for watching over the company for Mia Wallace, the young wife of the patrão. TO dance dinner starring hairs two became one of the most famous of always, having been recreated hair in the whole world (I tied in marriage ceremony).

Check out the complete analysis of the film Pulp fiction.

9. O Profissional (1994)

O Profissional (1994)

O French policeman directed by Luc Besson and starring Léon, a professional assassin who lives in New York, and fala de uma invulgar partnership.

Or bandit is a lonely person, who barely has a plant to serve as a companion. You are mute, not so much, when a 12-year-old garota beats at his porta. É Mathilda, to vizinha que ficou orfã during a bloody crime and ends up being padded by him.

The film that launched the career of Natalie Portman caused controversy, since a man "studies" to be a criminal, but also two favorites of the public.

10. As Patricinhas of Beverly Hills (1995)

As Patricinhas of Beverly Hills (1995)

A romantic comedy directed by Amy Heckerling é face to face two years 90 e marked the childhoods and adolescents of many of us. Many people don't know, but the story was inspired not romance Emma, by Jane Austen, adapted to the contemporary world.

The protagonist is Cher Horowitz, a teen from beverly hills that he is intelligent, cute, popular and part of a well-stocked family. She resolves to help a nova aluna, Tai, to change her image to her, but ends up transforming her own views on the world.

O longa-metragem was an absolute success and became a symbol of a geração, giving origin to a TV series and a collection of books.

11. O Fantasma do Futuro (1995)

Ghost In The Shell (1995)

Mais conhecido pelo original title Ghost in the shell, or Japanese animation film directed by Mamoru Oshii continues to be cultivated today.

O entanglement of action and scientific fiction was inspired by the homonymous manga of Masamune Shirow in the past year 2029. Neste future cyberpunk, you two bodies Individuals are altered through technology, becoming a species of androids.

There is also umhacker capable of invading human minds and manipulate them. Major Motoko, head of Esquadrão Shell, needs to capture him. The classic anime has become a huge influence in the world of cinema, inspiring great works such as Matrix.

12. O Truman Show (1998)

O Truman Show (1998)

Quem no se lembra do Truman show, a dramatic comedy directed by Peter Weir that made everyone feel paranoid?

Or protagonist is Truman Burbank, a seemingly common homem who doesn't know your life is a TV show transmitted hair world inteiro. All of his passes are conditioned by roteiristas hairs and the barely interaction with com adores and extras.

When the wrong person turns out, Truman begins to perceive that there is something strange about his reality. Faced like uma powerful social criticism on various themes (tabloid media, simulations, religion), or a film teve a great success with a critic and public.

13. Peixe Grande e suas Histórias Maravilhosas (2003)

Peixe Grande e suas Histórias Maravilhosas (2003)

Either a film directed by Tim Burton, or an eccentric genre that conquered gerações, is a story of family drama and fantasy, based on no work by Daniel Wallace.

Or protagonist, Edward Bloom, é um homem que tem uma magical perspective on life that or transforms a large history counter. In the terminal phase of a doença, he talks like a film, Will, and narrates the marvelous events that will emerge in no way.

Will, that I tied ali faced or pai as a liar, began to understand or transforming power you give words The ways in which we can use our imagination to help us find the world we live in. With beautiful images and a truly enchanting narrative, or long-metragem continues to be quite popular with viewers.

14. O Hospedeiro (2006)

O Hospedeiro (2006)

One of the first two films from the career of Bong Joon-ho, or South Korean director who "ganhou or world" as an astronomical succession of Parasitic, Or host já transparency various singularities of seu cinema.

A plot mix influences of drama, terror, scientific fiction and comedy, I also have a strong theory of social criticism and reflection about these collective actions and their effects in the world.

A plot follows the story of a man who is sequestered by a monster that is born by consequence of pollution, Seoul number. A deeply political work, it is about a chamada of care for the government that was allowing various toxic wastes to be cleared away locally.

15. To Origem (2010)

To Origem (2010)

Inception, not original title, is a scientific fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan that leaves everyone thinking.

A premise is next: Dom Cobb é um bandit that manages to enter us sonhos das pessoas to get information or to plant ideas from our unconscious minds, in order to manipulate them.

O longa-metragem ganhou a huge popularidade com os fãs do genre, reflected on the technological advances, you possibly have nefarious uses and underlying moral and ethical questions.

Check out the complete analysis of the film To Origem.

16. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Um two films for teenagers more cool two years 2000, or longa-metragem de ação e fantasia directed by English hair Edgar Wright foi based on histories in quadrinhos Bred by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Or protagonist, Scott, is a young Canadian musician who knows a great garota mais velha, Ramona Flowers, who has just arrived in the United States. Completely beaten up by her, or raptor, she surprises herself or perceives that her feelings are reciprocated.

Therefore, to conquer or his happy ending, he was forced to defeat Ramona's ex-lovers, a band of villainous superpowers, who wanted to destroy or relate. Also considered a comedy cult, or film shows that when or affair and love, we are not willing to face quase tudo.

17. Grave (2016)

Raw (2016)

Also known as Raw, or French horror film directed by Julia Ducournau não é, definitely, a work for all tastes.

The protagonist, Justine, is a veterinary student who was a vegetarian for her entire life. You must be forced to taste meat For the first time, a young person begins to develop various physical symptoms and a growing desire to eat more and more.

O longa-metragem arrepiante was very much received public hair, eliciting pertinent comments about the current society, how we nourish and relate Violence that is implicit in us.

18. Jogo Perigoso (2017)

Jogo Perigoso (2017)

The psychological horror film, directed by Mike Flanagan, was based on a homonymous work by Stephen King, two of the most relevant authors of contemporary North American literature.

A narrative follows Jessie and Gerald, a country that travels to an isolated cabin for the purpose of resgatar or relationship that faces serious conjugated problems. To get back to paixão, Gerald decides to put his wife in bed, plus a sudden heart attack.

Unable to get married, a woman assists the death of her husband and is forced to confront her traumatic meds and lembranças, the same time that you see a strange figure, that named after Homem do Luar. The film conquered the attention of two writers and also two pairs of cinematographic genre.

19. Rome (2018)

Rome (2018)

O longa-metragem of drama directed by Alfonso Cuarón is an exciting portrait of Mexico in the 70sI have been partially inspired by the director's lembranças about his childhood that he did not come from Rome.

Filmed at black and white, exactly to capture the ideas of past and memory, or entanglement and past in the house of a family supplied and segue or destiny of Cleo, an entrepreneur who works not local.

Rome Impressive pela beauty of its images, but also its historical value and to be placed in plain sight. screaming social contrasts that we continue to exist in Mexico and the world inside.

Check out the complete analysis of the film Rome.

20. Milagre na Cela 7 (2019)

Milagre na Cela 7 (2019)

Milagre na Cela 7, or Turkish film directed by Mehmet Ada Öztekin, is an adaptation of the longa sul-Korean by Lee Hwan-kyung released in 2013.

A segue history or tragic destiny of Memo, um homem with cognitive dysfunctions that I wrongly condemning For a violent crime and ends up being imprisoned. From daí, ele é separated da filha It is necessary to prove his innocence to revê-la.

A drama capable of bringing us to tears, or a film that is an important little portrait that can exist of the best and best human beings, reflected on the ways in which we relate.

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