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The 25 best poems of Mario Benedetti

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Mario Benedetti He was a Uruguayan poet and playwright, born in Montevideo during 1920, whose influence continues to this day.

Throughout his career as a writer, this author wrote more than 80 books, some of them translated into more than 20 languages.

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Great poems by Mario Benedetti

This excellent poet and writer, fruit of the generation of 45, deserves recognition for his merits and we have thought that making a compilation of his most relevant works would be a nice way, so without further ado we present... The 25 best poems of Mario Benedetti!

1. Forever.

If the emerald were dull,

if the gold lost its color,

then it would be over

our love.

If the sun didn't warm

if the moon did not exist,

then, I would not have

meaning to live on this earth

as it would not make sense

live without my life,

the woman of my dreams,

the one that gives me joy ...

If the world didn't turn

or time did not exist,

then i would never die

You would never die

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neither does our love ...

but time is not necessary

our love is eternal

we don't need the sun

of the moon or the stars

to continue loving us ...

If life were another

and death came

then i would love you

today Tomorrow...



  • Love is one of the most important goods that as people we come to possess throughout our lives, Mario Benedetti makes it very clear in this precious poem.

2. Let's make a Deal.


you know

you can count

with me

not up to two

or up to ten

but count

with me

if ever


that I look into her eyes

and a streak of love

recognize in mine

do not alert your rifles

nor think what delirium

despite the streak

or maybe because it exists

you can count

with me

yes other times

He finds me

sullen for no reason

don't think how lazy

you can still count

with me

but let's make a deal

I would like to tell

with you

he is so cute

know that you exist

one feels alive

and when i say this

I mean count

even up to two

even up to five

no longer to come

hurried to my aid

but to know

for sure

that you know you can

count on me.

  • The people we care about should know that we will be there whenever they need it, this poem is a very good example of this.

3. In reason.

In reason

only doubts will enter

they have a key.

  • A very short poem but that keeps a great meaning, doubts can open the doors of our reason.

4. Lovers go home.

Now that I started the day

returning to your gaze

and you found me fine

and I found you prettier

now that finally

it's pretty clear

where are you and where


I know for the first time

that I will have strength

to build with you

such a nice friendship

what about the neighbor

territory of love

that desperate

they will start looking at us

with envy

and they will end up organizing


to come and ask us

how we did.

  • The love that we can feel towards a person can be very great and finding the words to express ourselves with him or her can be difficult.

5. Resume.

The story is very simple

you are born

contemplate troubled

the red blue of the sky

the bird that migrates

the clumsy beetle

that your shoe will crush


you suffer

claim for food

and out of habit

by obligation

cry clean of guilt


until sleep disqualifies him

you love

is transfigured and loves

for such a temporary eternity

that even pride becomes tender

and the prophetic heart

turns to rubble

you learn

and use what you have learned

to slowly become wise

to know that at last the world is this

at its best a nostalgia

at its worst a helplessness

and always always

a mess


you die.

  • In life we ​​all go through the same path, where over time we learn the most valuable things that life itself offers us.

6. Do not save yourself.

Don't stand still

on the side of the road

don't freeze the glee

do not want to reluctantly

don't save yourself now

not ever

do not save yourself

do not be calm

do not reserve from the world

just a quiet corner

don't drop your eyelids

heavy as judgments

do not run out of lips

do not fall asleep without sleep

do not think without blood

do not judge yourself without time

but yes


You can not avoid it

and you freeze the joy

and you want reluctantly

and you save yourself now

and you fill yourself with calm

and reserves of the world

just a quiet corner

and drop your eyelids

heavy as judgments

and you dry without lips

and you fall asleep without sleep

and you think without blood

and you judge yourself without time

and you stand still

on the side of the road

and you save yourself


don't stay with me.

  • The last moments of a person's life can be lived with great effusiveness, this poem can be a good representation of it.

7. Frozen moon.

With this loneliness



with this loneliness

of holy drips

of distant howls

of monsters of silence

of memories to the firm

frozen moon

at night for others


with this loneliness



you can sometimes



  • The moon can inspire us in many moments of our life, when we are in love it can perfectly be one of them.

8. Breastplate heart.

Because I have you and I don't

because I think about you

because the night is wide-eyed

because the night passes and I say love

because you have come to collect your image

and you are better than all your pictures

because you are beautiful from the foot to the soul

because you are good from the soul to me

because you hide sweet in pride

sweet little

heart breastplate

because you are mine

because you are not mine

because I look at you and die

and worse than dying

if I don't look at you love

if i don't look at you

because you always exist wherever

but you exist better where I love you

because your mouth is blood

and you are cold

I have to love you love

I have to love you

although this wound hurts like two

even if I look for you and do not find you

and although

the night passes and I have you

and no.

  • Love can be a painful process when it is not reciprocated, it can certainly be a very unpleasant emotion.

9. Afternoon love.

It's a pity that you're not with me

when I look at the clock and it's four o'clock

and I finish the form and think ten minutes

and I stretch my legs like every afternoon

and I do this with my shoulders to loosen my back

And I bend my fingers and pull lies out of them

It's a pity that you're not with me

when I look at the clock and it's five

and I'm a handle that calculates interest

or two hands jumping over forty keys

or an ear that hears the phone barking

or a guy who does numbers and gets truths out of them.

It's a pity that you're not with me

When I look at the clock and it's six

You could come up in surprise

and say "How are you?" and we would stay

I with the red stain of your lips

you with the blue smudge of my carbon.

  • Love is a very great source of inspiration for poets and for Mario Benedetti it certainly was too.

10. I hope.

I wait for you when the night turns to day,

sighs of hope already lost.

I don't think you're coming, I know

I know you won't come

I know that distance hurts you

I know the nights are colder

I know you are gone.

I think I know everything about you.

I know that the day suddenly turns into night:

I know you dream of my love, but you don't say it,

I know I'm an idiot waiting for you

Well I know you won't come.

I wait for you when we look at the sky at night:

you there, me here, longing for those days

in which a kiss marked the farewell,

Maybe for the rest of our lives.

It's sad to talk like that.

When the day turns to night,

And the Moon hides that radiant sun.

I feel lonely, I know

I never knew so much about anything in my life

I only know that I am very alone,

and that I'm not there.

My apologies for feeling like this

My intention has never been to offend you.

I never dreamed of loving you

nor with feeling like that.

My air goes away like water in desert.

My life is shortened because I don't have you inside.

My hope of living is you

and I'm not there.

Why am I not there?

Why haven't I taken that bus that would take me to you?

Because the world that I lead here does not allow me to be there.

Every night I torture myself while thinking about you.

Why don't I just forget about you?

Why do not just live like that?

Why not just ...

  • A great poem full of melancholy and romanticism where Mario Benedetti expands on the feelings he feels for his great love.

11. Tactic and strategy.

My tactic is

look at you

learn how you are

love you as you are

my tactic is

talk to you

and listen to you

build with words

an indestructible bridge

my tactic is

stay in your memory

I do not know how

i don't even know

with what pretext

but stay in you

my tactic is

be frank

and know that you are frank

and that we do not sell ourselves


so that between the two

there is no curtain

nor abysses

my strategy is


deeper and more


my strategy is

that any other day

I do not know how

i don't even know

with what pretext


you need me

  • We must value the person we love for all his virtues and all his defects, because all of this makes up the person we love.

12. Talantes.

A man


is one more

in the choir

of men


a man


it is not similar

to no other



  • Sadness is an emotion that changes our face so that everyone can perceive it.

13. Do not give up.

Don't give up, you still have time

to reach and start again,

accept your shadows, bury your fears,

release the ballast, resume flight.

Do not give up that life is that,

continue the journey,

follow your dreams,

unlock time,

run the debris and uncover the sky.

Don't give up, please don't give in

although the cold burns,

although fear bites,

Although the sun hides and the wind is silent,

There's still fire in your soul,

There is still life in your dreams,

because life is yours and your desire is also yours,

because you have loved it and because I love you.

Because there is wine and love, it is true,

Because there are not wounds that time can not heal,

open the doors remove the locks,

leave the walls that protected you.

Live life and accept the challenge,

recover the laughter, rehearse the song,

lower your guard and spread your hands,

spread your wings and try again,

celebrate life and take back the skies,

Don't give up please don't give in

although the cold burns,

although fear bites,

Although the sun goes down and the wind is silent,

There's still fire in your soul,

There is still life in your dreams,

because every day is a beginning,

Because this is the time and the best time,

because you are not alone,

Because I love you.

  • Without a doubt a great poem that is worth reading over and over again, life can be wonderful if we appreciate it.

14. You and us.

You when you love

they demand well-being

a bed of cedar

and a special mattress

us when we love. it's easy to fix

with sheets how good

without sheets it does not matter

when you love

calculate interest

and when they love each other

they calculate again

us when we love

it's like being reborn

and if we lose heart

we did not have a good time

when you love

they are of another magnitude

there are photos gossip press

and love is a boom

us when we love

it's a common love

so simple and so tasty

how to be healthy

when you love

they consult the clock

because the time they waste

worth half a million

us when we love

slowly and with fervor

we enjoy and it is worth it

cheap function

when you love

they go to the analyst

he is the one who dictates

if they do it right or wrong

us when we love

without so much shortness

the subconscious piola

he starts to enjoy

when you love

they demand well-being

a bed of cedar

and a special mattress

us when we love

it's easy to fix

with sheets how good

without sheets it does not matter.

  • Love is a wonderful feeling that we all must value and appreciate without haste, because we do not control when we feel it.

15. I love you.

Your hands are my caress

my everyday chords

I love you because your hands

they work for justice

If I love you, it's because you are

my love my accomplice and everything

and in the street side by side

We are much more than two

your eyes are my spell

against the bad day

I love you for your look

that looks and sows the future

your mouth that is yours and mine

your mouth is not wrong

I love you because your mouth

knows how to scream rebellion

If I love you, it's because you are

my love my accomplice and everything

and in the street side by side

We are much more than two

and for your sincere face

and your wandering step

And your tears for the world

because you are a people I love you

and because love is not halo

nor candid moral

and because we are a couple

who knows that she is not alone

I want you in my paradise

that is to say that in my country

people live happy

even if I don't have permission

If I love you, it's because you are

my love my accomplice and everything

and in the street side by side

We are much more than two.

  • Love is a feeling that makes us want that person above anything else, because with him or her our thoughts begin every day.

16. What I need from you.

You don't know how I need your voice;

I need your looks

those words that always filled me,

I need your inner peace;

I need the light from your lips

I can not anymore... keep it up!

...Already... I can not

my mind doesn't want to think

can think of nothing but you.

I need the flower of your hands

that patience of all your acts

with that justice that you inspire me

for what was always my thorn

my source of life has dried up

with the force of oblivion ...

I'm burning;

what I need I have already found

but still I still miss you!

  • The little things of our loved one are those that we will always remember the most, because being in love we will remember them with great affection.

17. Little deaths.

Dreams are little deaths

installments advances mock death

the awakening instead seems to us

a resurrection and just in case

we forget as soon as possible what we dreamed

despite its fires its caverns

their orgasms their glories their frights

dreams are little deaths

that's why when the awakening comes

and immediately the dream is forgotten

maybe it means that what we crave

is to forget death

just that.

  • With each unfulfilled dream a part of us dies, as we become more practical but also more unhappy.

18. Mute fire.

Sometimes silence

summon uproar

Courage skits

goblin mirages

tangos against the grain

heartbroken rage

cries of death

thirst and hunger for you

but other times it is

only silence

loneliness like an oak

desert without oasis

dismantled ship

dripping sadness

around rubble

mute fire.

  • The resources of this poet to create his poetry are very wide, the great Mario Benedetti knew how to find inspiration wherever he was.

19. Stones in the window.

From time to time joy

throw pebbles against my window

wants to let me know that she is there waiting

but i feel calm

I would almost say fair

I'm going to keep the anguish in a hiding place

and then to lay my face up to the ceiling

that she is a gallant and comfortable position

to filter news and believe it

who knows where my next footprints are

nor when will my story be computed

who knows what advice I'm going to invent yet

and what shortcut will I find to not follow them

Okay, I will not play eviction

I will not tattoo the memory with forgetfulness

much remains to be said and shut up

and there are also grapes to fill the mouth

ok i am persuaded

that joy does not throw more stones

I'll open the window

  • We must accept the things that life offers us, know how to understand each situation and be happy with what we have.

20. Your mirror is shrewd.

Your mirror is shrewd

it tastes like pore

wrinkle your brow

she loves you well

polishes your cheeks

the years mess up your hair

or look you in the eye

she loves you well

it refines your gestures

makes you smile

transmits confidence

she loves you well

until without warning

without thinking twice

hangs off the nail

it tears you apart.

Our image is ephemeral and over the years it will inexorably deteriorate.

21. Groping.

Backs up safely

but you grope

one puts out hands like a blind man

reckless blind in addition

but the absurdity is that he is not blind

and the lightning distinguishes the rain

the unburied faces the ash

the smile of the fool the insults

a hint of grief in the mirror

the rusty railing with its birds

the opaque uncertainty of the others

faced with own uncertainty

groping / slow

usually against hand

of convicts and confessed

in search maybe

of residual loves

that they serve as consolation and reward

or light up a well of nostalgia

groping / hesitating

the distance or the time don't matter

nor that the future is a glimpse

or an uninhabited passion

groping until one night

one is left without accomplices or tact

and blind again and forever

enters a tunnel or destination

that it is not known where it ends.

  • Life takes many turns and it can seem confusing at times, but everything happens for a reason.

22. Why do we sing?

If every hour comes with his death

if time is a den of thieves

the airs are no longer the buenos aires

life is nothing but a moving target

you will ask why we sing

if our braves are left without a hug

the country is dying of sadness

and the heart of man shatters

even before shame explodes

you will ask why we sing

if we are far like a horizon

if there were trees and sky

if every night is always some absence

and each awakening a disagreement

you will ask why we sing

we sing because the river is sounding

and when the river sounds / the river sounds

we sing because the cruel has no name

and instead your destiny has a name

we sing for the child and because everything

and because some future and because the people

we sing because the survivors

and our dead want us to sing

we sing because the cry is not enough

and crying or anger is not enough

we sing because we believe in people

and because we will conquer defeat

we sing because the sun recognizes us

and because the field smells like spring

and because in this stem in that fruit

each question has its answer

we sing because it rains on the groove

and we are militants of life

and because we can not or want

let the song turn to ash.

  • We must preserve hope and fight for everything that we want to happen one day, this poem encourages us to be more positive.

23. Defense of joy.

Defend joy like a trench

defend her from scandal and routine

of misery and the wretched

of temporary absences

and the definitive ones

defend joy as a principle

defend her from astonishment and nightmares

of neutrals and neutrons

of the sweet infamies

and the serious diagnoses

defend joy like a flag

defend her from lightning and melancholy

of the naive and the scoundrels

of rhetoric and cardiac arrests

of the endemics and the academies

defend joy as a destiny

defend it from fire and firefighters

of the suicides and the homicides

of vacations and stress

of the obligation to be happy

defend joy as a certainty

defend it from rust and scab

of the famous patina of time

of relente and opportunism

from the pimps of laughter

defend joy as a right

defend her from god and winter

of capital letters and death

of the surnames and the pity

of chance

and also of joy.

  • We must always preserve the joy of living, because without it we will be lost in a world of despair.

24. From the soul.

Brother body are you tired

from brain to mercy

from the palate to the valley of desire

when you tell me / soul help me

I feel that I am moved to the point of overwhelm

that the very air is vulnerable

brother body have you worked

to muscle and stomach and nerves

to kidneys and bronchi and diaphragm

when you tell me / soul help me

I know you are doomed / you are matter

and matter tends to defibrate

brother body I know you

I was a guest and host of your pains

modest ramp of your greedy sex

when you ask me / soul help me

I feel that the cold degrades me

that magic and sweetness are leaving me

brother body you are fleeting

temporary short-term instantaneous

after a gasp you will end up immobile

and I who normally am life

I will stay hugged to your bones

incapable of being a soul without your guts.

  • Life is ephemeral and we will all suffer the deterioration of our body, this poem explains that situation very well.

25. The first looks.

No one knows what lonely October night

of tired goblins that no longer occur,

the lost childhood can be sacrificed

Along with memories being made

What a surprise to suffer once desolate,

hear how the courage trembles in the temples,

on the chest, on the impatient thighs

feel the lips peel off

of wonderful and careless verbs,

of figures defended in the dead air,

and how other words, new, hardened

and from already tired they conjure

To prevent us from the only ghost really.

How to find a site with the first eyes,

a place to grasp the long loneliness

with the first eyes, without spending

the first looks,

and if meanings are damaged,

of husk of ideals, of filthy purities,

how to find a river with the first steps,

a river - to wash them - to carry them.

  • Our first experiences are something that will mark us the rest of our lives, we can live a thousand types of first experiences, but these will not be like any other.

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