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The 12 best Apps for couples (with challenges)

Some couples may, after years of relationship, reach a point where they need a little external support with which to renew your interest, improve your level of communication or keep the flame of passion burning.

Luckily, at present we can find in the app market a great variety of specific tools and also virtual assistants specialized in helping couples to improve in any given area of ​​their relationship.

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The 12 most recommended apps for couples (with challenges)

Then We offer you a selection of the 12 best apps for couples, in which you will find in a summarized way the main characteristics of each one of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Me I

Me I

Meyo is the new 360 personal assistant with which anyone can improve and achieve all the goals that one sets, also in the sphere of the couple. This application has been developed by psychologists and medical experts in health and wellness at all levels and its system offers a wide variety of content personalized games with which to improve the relationship as a couple, as well as interactive games and fun challenges available to do with our partner or partner.

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Among the interactive activities aimed at strengthening the relationship as a couple and improving the coexistence offered by Meyo, we can highlight the great variety of games, contests, and all kinds of challenges with which you can win coins and prizes. As well as specialized exercise plans, advice on healthy lifestyle habits, and guided meditation exercises.

In addition to that, Meyo offers practical guides to learn and enhance all those social skills with which we can improve our relationship as a couple, with which to avoid constant arguments and also favor our intimate life and loving. In short, the Meyo system is capable of offering individualized assistance to each person based on their interests, aspirations and needs.

Meyo is now available for free for ios Y Android, and nowadays more and more users are enjoying the benefits offered by this intelligent assistant every day.

2. Lok Lok


Lok Lok is an application that allows couples to chat with each other and that the message appears directly on the lock screen of the mobile, synchronized between the two at all times.

The application is downloaded for free for Android devices and its system is based on converting our screen from lock in a chat window in which you can write all kinds of messages, as well as drawings made instantly and Photos.

3. Desire


Desire is an app with which to propose challenges of a sexual and intimate nature to our partner, both your own and those offered by the application and win prizes and rewards for achieving them. In addition to that, the system has an internal chat in which to share all kinds of content and also a personal diary in which both members of the couple can write.

It's a fun and competitive way to increase desire and passion in your partner, and it's currently available for Apple devices.

4. Between

Between is the quintessential application to communicate with your partner privately and securely. With this tool you can not only chat at all times but you can also store photos and videos and save them as a souvenir.

Besides that, with Between you can set romantic dates and all kinds of plans and adventures with the other person, as well as reminders of special dates.

5. 69 Positions

69 Positions is an app that offers more than 100 sexual positions from the Kamasutra to do with your partner, along with a brief explanation, illustrations and advice on each of them.

Without a doubt, it is a fun and educational way to relight the flame of your relationship.

6. Happy couple

Happy Couple is a question game with which we can show how much we know about our partner. The app consists of a questionnaire that can be adjusted to the type of relationship we have (married couple, LGTB, young person, with children ...) to get the most out of the questions.

This application is a great way to get to know our partner better and have a good time with them at the same time.

7. Bliss

Bliss is the intimate game for lovers. It is offered as a board game in which each member of the couple must roll the dice and carry out the different activities proposed by the game.

The main characteristic of this application is that it proposes personalized activities and challenges depending on the interests and the tastes of the couple, so it is the first intelligent romantic game, available for both iOS and Android.

8. Kindu

Kindu is the app that allows us to explore the most intimate desires of our partner. This application offers a questionnaire of 600 intimate questions about fantasies and sexual tastes, and allows to know those in which the couple coincides.

It is an interesting and fun way to meet our partner or life partner and take the relationship to the next level.

9. Couple Game

The Couple Game application also consists of a game of questions grouped by topics of various kinds with which we can know in depth those opinions that we do not know about our partner.

This app is available for Android and iOS and will allow us to meet new common interests with our better half while we have a good time having fun.

10. HoneyDUE

HoneyDUE is an application, available for iOS and Android With which we can organize the expenses and finances of the couple, as well as be up to date at all times with bills, mortgages and other expenses.

It is a very specialized app that offers a truly necessary service for many couples.

Uncomfortable Questions is a game with which you can have a good time both as a couple and with friends. With this application you can discover secrets and confessions that you did not know before by asking the different questions of the game.

It is an ingenious and entertaining app with which we can get to know our partner in depth while having fun.

Truth or Dare is another fun app aimed at having fun as a couple with which we can choose to answer the question or to overcome the different challenges proposed.

A fun and exciting application with which we will undoubtedly have a good time with our partner.
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