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The 70 best phrases of Garri Kasparov

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Garri Kimovich Kasparov is a great chess master, holding the title of world champion from 1985 to 1993, as well as PCA version world champion between 1993 and 2000. Without a doubt, a long career that established him as one of the best chess players of all time.

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Famous quotes from Garri Kasparov

He is not only known in the world of chess, but also develops in politics and writing. To learn more about it, we bring a compilation with the best phrases of Garri Kasparov.

1. He can no longer beat a computer.

Speaking of playing against a computer.

2. Carlsen is a great champion, a player close to the people, the man who can channel chess because the global media impact of him can be extraordinary.

Showing respect and admiration for other players.

3. It is not enough to have talent. It is not enough to work hard and study late into the night. You must also be intimately aware of the methods you use to make your decisions.

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Chess takes a lot of dedication.

4. Time is not gained simply by moving faster or by taking a shortcut.

Everything has its moment.

5. The world champion is the personification of his time and based on him we can play the development of chess.

The role of the world champion in chess.

6. He now he knew that he had entered the evil country, but he did not know the rules of engagement.

For Kasparov, his nation became unknown.

7. Creativity, imagination and intuition, more than the base of the middle game, are indispensable, as well as the firm character; the triumph comes only with the fight.

Creativity is vital for anything.

8. When your house is burning you cannot be disturbed by the neighbors. Or, as we say in chess, if your king is under attack you shouldn't worry about losing a pawn on the queenside.

An interesting comparison to explain the tension in chess.

9. It is still incomprehensible that Russia went from joyfully celebrating the end of totalitarianism to electing a KGB lieutenant colonel in just nine years.

Harsh opinion on Putin's election.

10. Time is exchanged for material advantages.

The time in the game.

11. Consistency can influence positive change. You always have to look for challenges. Find new questions.

You never have to remain static.

12. It's a shame to use such a strong novelty with such a weak opponent.

There are people who do not deserve our effort.

13. What happens to us in the future depends not only on the past, but on how well we understand it.

You cannot move forward without analyzing the past.

14. You can play under certain rules and if the computer beats you, at least you will have the consolation that it has not cheated you.

A reward for playing against the computer.

15. This obligation to move can be a burden for a player without strategic vision.

Strategy is everything in the game.

16. Chess is mental torture.

Tension is experienced all the time in chess.

17. Never take your freedom for granted and be careful who you vote for because it may be the last election you have.

A valuable lesson.

18. A smaller army can defeat a numerically superior enemy if it manages to break through the weaker flank of its enemy.

The same way it works in chess.

19. Chess is inexhaustible!

There are always new moves to experiment with.

20. Each victory pushes the victor down slightly and makes it harder to push himself or herself to improve even more.

Even if you are a winner, you need to work harder.

21. I would like to put on record my admiration for Karpov, who fought bravely to the end. I have felt the strength of him, morally and psychologically speaking of him.

One of his greatest inspirations.

22. This is the essential element that cannot be measured by any analysis or device, and I believe it is in the heart of success in all things: the power of intuition and the ability to harness it and use it as a teacher.

In chess, it is necessary to listen to our instincts.

23. My nature is that I have to get excited about a great challenge.

Any challenge helps us improve.

24. Have the courage to think big and trust your potential and your decisions.

Items necessary to play professionally.

25. I see in the chess fight an astonishingly exact model of human life, with its daily grind, its crises and its incessant ups and downs.

Chess as a reflection of daily life.

26. It almost bothered me to hear that Putin plays chess and Obama or other leaders of the free world play checkers.

Kasparov is not a Putin fan.

27. Time for material is the first compensatory exchange in our evaluation system.

The way to evaluate within chess.

28. The black and white pieces seemed to represent mannequin divisions between light and dark, good and evil, in the very spirit of man.

A metaphor within chess.

29. My idea of ​​chess in the future is based on three axes, education, social networks and technology. This is an attractive 'pack', right?

The future that awaits the game.

30. I just made one mistake but unfortunately that mistake made me lose the game.

A mistake can lead to a disadvantage in chess.

31. Millions of games have been played and thousands of works have been written, but until now there is no universal formula or method that guarantees success.

Everything is a bet in chess.

32. I have had the best tutor that I could have wanted.

Talking about Karpov.

33. I thought I had to defend the integrity of my game because chess is not a game for dictators for many reasons.

A sign of his discontent with Putin.

34. If you want to be successful, you must face the risk of failure.

Failure is an essential part of success.

35. We like to think.

Thinking is essential in this game.

36. In chess my word is close to God's.

A reference to power within chess.

37. What does success mean? It is not about "winning once in a while". We are talking about leading the ranking for twenty years.

Referring to his time as a champion.

38. Do not put Medvedev on a par with Putin because deep down he is a puppet of Putin, a zero to the left.

One of the strong political views of him.

39. I like to say that the attacker always has the advantage.

His vision of who has the upper hand in the game.

40. When he played 45… h5 I couldn't believe my own eyes.

Reference to his last game against Anatoly Karpov.

41. By getting to know its many aspects, one begins to feel a great attraction for this game.

The growing love towards chess.

42. It is clear that Artur Yusupov is worse, but I think he plays to win.

Everyone has different reasons in the game.

43. In life there is no obligation to move. If we don't have a good plan at hand, we can watch television, go about our business.

It is important to have a plan, but also to relax.

44. He allows dissent and free media for 6 months in Russia and see what happens. Putin would never risk it because he is terrified by his own people and the truth, like every dictator.

A direct attack on the government of the Russian president.

45. Chess is an absolutely logical game that has its general laws that can be understood intuitively or by working a lot.

It takes a lot of analysis and anticipation to play.

46. I have accomplished more than enough in the world of chess, more than I could have ever imagined.

If in doubt, the greatest of champions.

47. Fisher, energetic; Karpov, precise; Anand, take it easy; Kramnik, worker; Topalov, tireless; Campomanes, Sabio... and freaky. Ilyumzhinov, corrupt.

Your opinion of each character.

48. My best asset against the machine is my human intuition.

Never let go of intuition.

49. People ask about dictators, "Why?" But the dictators themselves ask: "Why not?"

The ambition of dictators is dangerous.

50. Chess is life in miniature. Chess is effort, chess is fight.

Chess is a representation of everyday life.

51. The true strategist discovers a method to progress and prepare for the inevitable conflict. Because conflict, we must not forget, is inevitable.

Conflict always exists, so we have to prepare.

52. You also need to know when to stop.

Not only do you need to move forward, but also take a moment.

53. I learned that the fight on the chessboard could also impact the political climate of the country.

Although they seem distant things, they are related.

54. I want to take advantage of my talents and benefit from my experiences.

Experience helps you open new doors.

55. I think it doesn't sound too arrogant if I say that I could have managed to stay among the best in the world for three or four more years.

Showing confidence in your talent.

56. Each country has its own mafia. In Russia, the mafia has its own country.

The mafia taking over the politics of their country.

57. If you're already in a fight, you want the first hit to be the last and you'd better be the one to throw it.

Reference to the strategy to take within chess.

58. A temporary advantage can disappear if we miss a single move, if we miss an opportunity.

As in chess, in life you have to take advantage of opportunities.

59. You have to fight a lot to get the attention of the general public.

You have to prove over and over again that you are the best.

60. I would like to put on record my admiration for Karpov, who fought bravely to the end. I have felt the strength of him, morally and psychologically speaking of him.

Talking about the character he respects the most in the game.

61. Now I want to dedicate myself to other things. I need a goal, I want to do things that excite me.

Speaking of his plans in retirement.

62. As for the polls, when a person he calls anonymously contacts a Russian at his house to ask his opinion about the man who controls all aspects of the Russian police state, it would take a lot of courage to report anything less than support enthusiastic.

Showing the absolute control that the government has over its people.

63. In conclusion, if you want to unravel the multitude of chess secrets, do not envy time.

The secrets of chess are revealed little by little.

64. There is a crisis in Russia, there are books that I want to write and sell.

His intentions for the future.

65. Tal missed the first four rounds of the 1966 Havana Olympics because of a terrible 'tactical blow': a bottle to the head that they gave him in a nightclub, to which he and Korchnoi (unfortunately for both of them!) had come.

A somewhat interesting and disturbing anecdote.

66. Chess is the perfect food for the small screen of a mobile.

Talking about playing chess through mobile apps.

67. It is important for me to tell people that through my book how they can improve their decision-making skills. It is important to help the Russian people reclaim democracy.

He is not only interested in promoting chess, but influencing people's interest in politics.

68. Caissa, the goddess of chess, had punished me for my conservative game, for betraying my nature.

About her bad decisions in the game.

69. In chess, we say that the player with the initiative is obliged to attack, otherwise the initiative will be lost and the counterattack will probably be decisive.

The way the whole game begins.

70. The Russian life of politicians is hectic, almost always without fixed schedules.

The role of politicians within Russia.

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