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The 85 best phrases of Michael Jackson

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To speak of Michael Jackson is to speak of an unmatched natural artistic talent, gifted with one of the most impressive and unique voices in history, he rose to fame while still a child, along with the band that he formed with his brothers, 'The Jackson Five'. However, his greatest success came from releasing his solo album 'Thriller', which has become the best-selling music album of all time.

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Famous quotes from Michael Jackson

Despite his fame and talent, Michael could not escape multiple scandals about his private life, which He led to a spiral of difficulties, but he will always be remembered for being one of the most charismatic artists of the world. Therefore, we have brought a compilation with the 85 best phrases of Michael Jackson to remember his legacy.

1. Lies run short races, but truth runs marathons.

The truth always comes to light.

2. My fans really are a part of me, we share something that most people will never experience.

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Showing his love for his fans.

3. I love creating magic, doing something that is so strange, so unexpected, that people marvel.

Referring to his love of work.

4. My music aims to unite all races, so that we all live as a family.

The goal of your music.

5. Whatever I sing I really feel it, when I sing a song I don't sing it but I feel it.

The songs had a personal touch for Michael.

6. Please go for your dreams. Whatever your ideals, you can become whatever you want to become.

If you have a dream, don't stop for anyone.

7. If you don't have faith, you can go crazy.

Faith was an essential part of his life.

8. People will always be willing to think the worst of you.

An evil interest of people.

9. For me, the greatest sin of all sins is to receive a gift and not cultivate it, so that it grows, since talent is a divine gift.

You don't lose anything by nurturing your talent.

10. I like to improve, I don't feel like taking a step back.

To grow, you have to improve.

11. It is very hard for your life to become public property, even considering that people are interested in you because of your music.

There is nothing worse than losing your privacy.

12. I am interested in making a path instead of following a path.

If you don't want to work for someone, then take charge of your future.

13. Sometimes when you are treated unfairly, that makes you stronger and more determined. I admire that kind of strength.

It is certainly admirable how people take a bad experience as their greatest motivation.

14. Peter Pan represents something very special in my heart. Represents youth, childhood, never growing up, magic, flying, everything that has to do with children, wonder and magic.

His obsession with Peter Pan.

15. The actor's secret is to be yourself.

A tip for action.

16. Hope is such a beautiful word, but it often seems very fragile. Life continues to be unnecessarily damaged and destroyed.

Hope must be cultivated every day so as not to be lost.

17. Don't try to write the music, he lets it write itself.

In music, spontaneity counts.

18. If you can dream it you can do it.

Nothing prevents you from achieving your goals, if you have the tools to do so.

19. I am happy to be alive, I am happy to be who I am.

Two great things to be thankful for.

20. I never had that something you call childhood.

Sadly, a fact that many overlook.

21. If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.

If you don't change, nothing will.

22. I am a perfectionist. I'll work until he drops me.

Michael was a pro to the end.

23. Remember, it will be we the children of today who will make the future world a better and happier place.

It is up to us to improve the world.

24. There is a place in your heart and I know it is love, and this place can be much brighter tomorrow.

Love leads us to do good deeds.

25. I believe that the ultimate goal of all art forms is the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine.

His belief in art.

26. I'm going to look for my star until she finds it. He is hidden in the drawer of innocence, wrapped in a handkerchief in amazement.

We can be who we've always dreamed of being.

27. I feel guilty if I just sit there when I know I might be doing something.

There are people who cannot enjoy a break.

28. It is good that people think that I am a person and not a personality.

The price to pay for fame.

29. If you enter this world knowing that you are loved and leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.

A valuable phrase to reflect on.

30. I believe that I was chosen as an instrument to give music, love and harmony to the world.

How he saw his role in the world.

31. Animals do not attack out of evil, but to survive, the same happens with those who criticize, they want your blood, not your pain.

Sometimes you have to have a tough armor to face the world.

32. I totally identify with Peter Pan, the lost boy from Never Land. Besides, who wouldn't want to fly?

Another sample of his liking for this fictional character.

33. Let us dream of a tomorrow in which we can truly love from the soul, and know that love is the fundamental truth at the heart of all creation.

Michael was trying to spread love in the world.

34. When they say the sky is the limit for me, that's really true.

Don't limit yourself.

35. When I go up on stage, I don't know what happens. It feels great, it's like the safest place on the planet for me. I rise on stage.

On stage he could be himself.

36. I am Peter Pan in my heart.

A very particular way in which it is described.

37. No matter how much money you make or how famous you become, you will always continue to feel empty.

Love can not be bought.

38. Just because they print it does not mean that it is the gospel, people write negative things because they feel that it is what it sells, the good news does not sell.

Religion can be misrepresented by those who practice it.

39. I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus taught us.

A firm belief.

40. The best education in the world is seeing teachers in action.

Teachers are the pillars of education.

41. I am color blind. That is why one of my favorite symbols is the peacock, in whose feathers all colors come together in harmony.

An interesting anecdote about the king of pop.

42. I'm going to make a change, and I'm going to feel good.

Any change should be positive.

43. The innocence of a child is an inexhaustible source of energy.

Every child should remain innocent intact.

44. My goal in life is to give the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance.

An objective that, without a doubt, he could achieve.

45. When you grow up in the eyes of the public, as I did, you tend to automatically be different.

Fame can ruin a child's life.

46. If you do not have that memory of childhood love, you are condemned to search the world for something to fill that void.

We seek what we did not have in our childhood.

47. I said it before, we should get together with the fans and make a mountain of gossip magazines to set them on fire.

An interesting proposal.

48. Some friends are like shadows, you only see them when the sun is shining.

A metaphor that refers to the selfish interest of those who pose as faithful friends.

49. What encourages me is the medium. The art. That is the world in which I feel most comfortable.

Art was Michael's engine.

50. I see children in the street, without enough to eat. Who am I to be blind? Pretending that I don't see your needs.

Phrase from the song Man in the mirror.

51. I am like anybody. I cut myself and bleed, and I am easily embarrassed.

Every famous artist is first an ordinary person.

52. The world should be full of love. Love is the most important thing in the world.

Love was important to Michael.

53. If a child has something against you, he tells you; however, adults lie and pretend to deceive you.

In a way, adults can be cowards.

54. My deepest thanks to the Creator for his gift to me… the joy I receive from creating my music.

A token of your faith.

55. Good music and great melodies are immortal. Culture changes, fashion changes, clothes… Good music is immortal.

Music never dies in time.

56. If you care enough about life, make a little space, make a better place.

Any positive change counts.

57. Look beyond yourself ...

Within us are all the answers.

58. Giving someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the riches in the world.

Trust is a priceless treasure.

59. Thinking is the biggest mistake a dancer can make. There's no need to think, lets feel.

In dancing, what matters most is letting yourself go.

60. It doesn't matter if the whole world is against you or if it bothers you or if you say you won't make it. Believe in yourself, whatever happens.

It is essential to trust ourselves.

61. I have been an artist most of my life and I have never attacked a partner. Great artists don't do that.

There is an ethic among artists.

62. I used to dream. I used to look beyond the stars. Now I don't know where we are. Even though I know we've drifted away

It's easy to get lost.

63. They say that being parents is like dancing. If you take one step, your child takes another.

A reference to parenthood.

64. I think we are powerful, but we don't use our minds to the fullest. Your mind is powerful enough to help you achieve what you want.

We just show kindness.

65. If you hear a lie too often, you start to believe it.

The things we repeat eventually come true.

66. At least they are talking. When they stop talking, that's when you have to worry

If they talk, it's because you're doing a good job.

67. Every brother and sister is completely different. As in any family, there are different elements... That is what makes a family.

A family is made up of many members with unique personalities.

68. If only I could tear down the walls that keep us apart. I know I could claim your heart and our perfect love would begin.

The walls only serve to separate.

69. When all life is seen as divine, everyone grows wings.

Life depends on how you see it.

70. Sometimes when I dance, I feel like something sacred takes hold of me in those moments. My spirit is one with creation.

Dancing was like breathing for Michael.

71. When I'm on stage I feel at home.

A beautiful way to see his work.

72. Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink, but is also composed of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiseled on the human soul, and etched on the psyche human.

Knowledge also comes from practice.

73. My happiness is in giving and sharing, and having fun in an innocent way.

Simple happiness.

74. The bigger the star, the bigger the target.

Set goals according to your possibilities.

75. Doing it as well as last time is not enough.

You can always be better.

76. Despite the risks, the courage to be honest and intimate opens the way to self-discovery. Offer what we all want, the promise of love.

Securities may be undervalued, but they will never be rejected.

77. The wonderful thing about a movie is that you can become someone else. I like to forget who I am. And it happens many times, it's like you're on autopilot.

A reflection on acting.

78. Why do parents have to have power over children?

There are parents who only see their children as an object for their own interests.

79. Each song represents something special, from charity, from relationships, from world peace, I can't choose one, because they all come from the soul. They are not just written words that rhyme.

His vision on the songs.

80. It all starts with forgiveness, because to heal the world, we first have to heal ourselves.

Forgiveness heals.

81. Before judging me, try to love me, look into your heart. Then ask: have you seen my childhood?

We judge without knowing the whole history of a person.

82. I just want to live forever.

And he did it through his music.

83. I am a black American, I am proud of my race. I am proud of who I am. I have a lot of pride and dignity.

Never feel ashamed of our roots.

84. There is nothing that cannot be done if we raise our voices as one.

Your voice counts in making a change.

85. This is the moment, this is it.

This is it.

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